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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » Vorokhta - known in Hutsulia climatic and ski resort, located south of Yaremche.
Vorokhta - known in Hutsulia climatic and ski resort, located south of Yaremche.

Vorokhta - known in Hutsulia climatic and ski resort, located south of Yaremche.

Vorokhta got its name from the surname of Mikhail Vorohty who had settled here at the end of XVII century. Vorokhta was a deserter from the Polish army, and therefore did not return in Transcarpathia, was originally set. Michael Vorokhta was able master and made a loom for one young lady with whom later married. Since the Weaving Crafts Vorokhti began to grow briskly, and people as a sign of gratitude and love to master, called the village its name.

Village Vorokhta started being, particularly as a resort after the railway in 1884. The first resort opened in 1906, called "the first sanatorium, then in the Soviet period it was renamed the" Mountain Air, which operates until today. In 1928 Vorokhta was officially recognized as a resort for patients with tuberculosis and lung disease. Until now there healthy residents from different parts of Ukraine.

However, urban development as a center of winter sports and tourism. In 1930 in Vorokhta built two ramps - for children and adults who have acquired international importance. These athletes came to compete with Germany, Norway, Finland and other countries. During the Soviet Vorokhta continue to play an important as ski resort - are built sports facilities in skiing "Ukraine" and a rest house near the springboard for athletes "Vanguard".

In Vorokhti built two wooden church. Home - architectural monument of the XVIII century. Yabluchnytsya moved from the village in 1780, named Peter and Paul. The second - built in 1924-1925 years, the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Interesting objects are stored in Vorokhta viaducts, stone railway bridge, built in XIX-XX centuries. These stone bridges held first railway. In other settlements of similar bridges were destroyed during World War II. Saved resorts and villas XIX-XX centuries. have an interesting design and decorative carving that deserve considerable attention.

In Vorokhti built cable-chair lifts and rope, are 3 sports complex - "Vanguard", "Zaroslyak" and "Ukraine", the resort for the treatment of pulmonary disease. Vorohtu starts climbing the highest mountain of Ukraine - Goverlu.

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