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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » The village is located in the upper Voronenko
The village is located in the upper Voronenko

The village is located in the upper Voronenko

The village is located in the upper Voronenko Paradzhyn River, near the village Yablunitsa. Name Voronenko village probably comes from the color Voronoi, that is black. The reason for this name is difficult to explain, perhaps this definition color areas, possibly with the name Blackie.

Village first mentioned in 1873. With the construction of the railroad tunnel and started faster rural development. In the mid-nineteenth century. worked here a steam sawmill owned by an engineer from Berlin. In the early twentieth century. Voronenko was a border point between Poland and Czechoslovakia, also located here Border Guard barracks.

In the village of only 1930 opened a school. Church in the village built new - in 2005, Heart of Jesus. Interesting objects in the village cemetery is the tunnel builders and obelisk to fallen soldiers in World War II.

From the village Voronenko easy climb to the mountain Kukule.

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