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Spiritual days Yaremche (note after the New Year)

Spiritual days Yaremche (note after the New Year)

Even in childhood, when the former Soviet television ryasnily grandfathers frost, Snow Maiden, "Blue Ogonyok and others., Subconsciously realized that New Year's celebration in this format is a bit strange and false to our tradition. This model has spilled over into post-Soviet Ukrainian life, only characters have changed.

In my personal experience - Five New Year in the ecumenical Taizé meetings. They are based on prayer, singing and a sense of community ... It accidentally came across an ad at one of the churches of Lviv to meet the coming 2011 studytskiy St. Elijah Yaremche and decided that this is another opportunity to enrich themselves spiritually.

Our trip to Yaremche December 31, 2010 ran a number of cities in Ivano-Frankivsk. In Rohatyn Group leader Nadezhda Pasternak, a former journalist, Lviv, a native of this town, with piety told the story of his famous countrywoman - Roxolana Lisowska, known as the wife of Sultan Suleiman. The main attention was paid to travelers a unique wooden church of the Holy Spirit, founded in 1598.


Despite the cold winter, a story from the mouth of the museum's director (the house has such status, there's only once a year or at the request of local residents celebrated the liturgy and rites held vinchan etc.) lasted more than half an hour. Interest was the original iconostasis, made to order, Rohatyn Brotherhood. It lykiv many prophets, apostles, saints, so that the breath away. Impressive size of the iconostasis, this may not see all the wooden churches. The museum-house operating exposition Galician iconography, sculpture and carving XVI-XIX centuries. These sacred works are rare in Ukraine, but still reserved for contemporaries, who may in the hectic life does not see him, not doootsinyuyut them as possessions of their history and culture. It is not surprising that funding for cultural lean makes it impossible to keep the temple of the Holy Spirit in Rohatyn at the right level to let the winter there was the right temperature. Moreover, church-museum claims that, among several other churches in Ivano-Frankivsk be accounted to the UNESCO World Heritage ...

Museum NadvirniyNastupna stop - near the mountains, they are seen on the horizon already. The district center Nadvornaya our group interesting museum of the history of the land. An exciting story of workers of the institution (battery is not warm and kafelni furnace, as in the house) has transferred us into different periods of history Nadvirna. This store photographs and military vessels riflemen, UPA, weapons and military clothing Ukrainian insurgents, layouts, correspondence with his children repressed parents ...

Impressed inscriptions on the walls of caves, where in the late 40th century of the last acted dungeons of the NKVD. One of them, the Maiden: "It destroys indigenous young my soul ...." Again, the museum felt the enthusiasm and indifference of local authorities to the financial support of such institutions.

Got Kalush. In the village of Dora - Yaremche operates around a small temple monks Studites Church, consecrated St. Prophet Elijah. His story is generally known, associated with heroism Studite congregation, which initiated the establishment of Metropolitan Sheptytsky, and his brother sold the idea of ​​happy. Clement Sheptytsky ... This Carpathian village, among lush mountains and flowing river Prut, the couple Kokorudzy (Elijah and Joanna), which was in Galicia glory patrons gladly given monastic community in the use of two houses and a large part of the field. In spring 1936 the monks established a cool industrial school and taught free gutsulskih guys who showed willingness to science. In spring 1937, Dori began construction of the monastery of St. Elijah, which was completed in the summer of next year. The Church emerged in Carpathian style, in the form of the cross. Established a special oval iconostasis, which contributed to the making of local school director John Svyschuk. Icons for the iconostasis made by burning and partially decorated with carvings. Since 1946, at the monastery church operated museum of atheism. In 1990 returned to the church congregation Svyatoillinskyy Studytskoho Charter, monks who tirelessly work hard on the spiritual field edge ...

Interior St. Elijah Dori

We quickly with creaky frost enter the said church and listen to singing yaremchansky Studites. This cozy. The priest serves the Church Slavonic evening. Something else take it here than somewhere in the city to the temple. In addition to our group for some old grandfather standing near the throne and cpovnyuye evening prayer to the Lord. Singing tropars brother monk caught by the local Sisters of the Congregation of St.. Vincent, who, after the evening taking us on new year's two-day life of his great retreat house. At midnight, when over the mountains sounded kind of battery salutes, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics manifold in the temple Studites sluzhylasya Hierarchical Liturgy with the auxiliary bishop of Lviv archdiocese Benedict Aleksiychuka. For many participants travel to participate in such a festive Divine was an unusual event, they saw in it a special grace, as in urban church layman hardly feels like a spiritual atmosphere, and in a moment the New Year. Then the late night in the monastery refectory, we exchanged views on the subject ...

St. Michael Dori1 in January 2011 before dinner we went walking Dora, the monastery of the Congregation of the name Andrew. On the way to find a table top with a short history of the ancient Church of Archangel Michael wonders. It was founded in the XVII century., Stands on the hill, is a well-groomed, with new doors, however, is covered with tin, which is harmful to pay attention to these experts sacred buildings. By mid-log failed, has been closed. Nevertheless, on a separate table to know that the temple remains carved iconostasis and several valuable icons. Behind the church stands a monument honored the Greek Catholic priest, and the fence is seen a great mountain panorama and Dora Kalush.

But we go a few miles further, down to the bottom of the affluent Prut. Ordinary village houses alternate with modern cottages for rest. Despite our riding horses, sleigh harnessed where vacationers go funny. Here is seen the temple and the monastery above-mentioned congregations.

Congregation of Holy Temple. Doreen Andrew in his territory - the pantheon of prominent Greek Catholic devotees - Metropolitan Andrey, Patriarch Joseph Blind, a number of bishops of the XX century. and the tomb of the founder of this Zromadzhennya Fr. Mitrat Svyschuka Yaroslav, who worked in distant Canada, but was able to leave a spiritual need in this almost heavenly spot Franko Carpathians. Go to the metropolitan museum of A. Sheptytskyi, where things kept on. Yaroslav, original icons that he painted, various literature, sculpture church leaders. Comfortable wooden church of Saints Peter and Paul celebrated bright iconostasis, made the above mentioned priest. He gave part of his property in order to complement the congregation named Andrew great monastic family of Greek-Catholic Church. Many of us have a thought that should communicate information about these centers young generation of people that they know the light of examples among the clergy, mainly because modern media emphasize negative aspects associated with the priestly environment ...

The iconostasis in the church community of St. Andrew

We returned to the convent of the Sisters of St. Vincent and his new year still life, and in the evening again in the evening to doluchayemosya St. prophet Elijah. This time, more solemnly, reading the Old Testament texts that contain predictions of the Messiah. Each worshiper with his candle light fills this small wooden house, where blowing simplicity and at the same time spiritual beauty. Priest all olyvopomazuye, cut in large pidzhyvlyayemosya proskurka fragrant home-made bread ...

Church in the pantheon Dori

So intense runaway two days stay in Dori-Kalush. A well organized group of people of all ages could meet cognitive coming New Year and spiritually prepare donarodzhennya Infant-Jesus

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