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Recent rains

Recent rains
The wooden arrow was the last label on our way. But before we finally realized that lost, it was passed a long way and, in addition to up, so come back to it, no one wanted. Choose the direction of movement was not hard - if not back, only forward, because after the arrow we saw no normal fork. Worse case consisted of determining our location. The fact that the forest is everywhere the same, and the lace on the road map is not always true.

Mountain Peak: 2005 Carpathians - 2

We seem to get lost ...

 In addition, the high crowns of the trees we could see mountains. It seemed that pidnimemosya way up the hill and see all there. But the rise of changing lift or, at best, flat road, and everything was downhill.

Sometimes, out on the lawn. Saw other slopes of the mountains, but nothing gave. Several times the wind pryhanyav clouds and we were like a fog. As in the cartoon of the hedgehog.

- Do not understand! - Dima worried - By the time we had not long ago that begin to descend, and reach the rivers.

River Zelenytsia - our goal - was the same dream as an understanding of where we are. And the way everything went down. And it seemed that it will never end.

Chewing candy at one of the halt on a more or less plain, Andrew even said:

- Posperechayusya pidzatylnyk on that, so we turn to wait for another lift.

We kept it, but Andrew was right. But to our great joy projected rise was the last. This became clear when after a small flat area went downhill, and weak far ahead appeared bald hill in wagons. We are like on the wings flew out of the forest and found themselves on the crest of the ridge. Only now seen almost all of the surrounding mountains and the fact that nowhere on climbing.



For the first time in a long time with us is a ray of hope. I Era map the terrain and stopped at several options on where we are. However, both were questionable, but did not want to believe that we deviated from the route even more.

Meanwhile, Andrew found a place to shoot and we photographed against a background of mountains, which rose between patches of moisture, which would later come together in clouds. And over all this shining night sun.

View from Synyachky

Given the relatively late hour, we headed into the side houses. Among them we have found none, but on the way met a man who felt that way to us. The path went down. Beside him stretched power lines, but with broken wires. Both sides met oil rigs, but they were not working.



Quite quickly the road brought us to a clearing with several more wagons. On one of these people came and we asked him where to go because there rozhaluzhuvavsya way. Seeing the map in my hands, he suggested:

- Give, I'll show you on the map.

I gave him p'yatsotmetrivku. Turning it, he tried to find something and then said:

- Map is good, but it is not good.

Then his hands fell kilometrivka and likely had a better experience.

- You were at Synyachky - he showed the finger to the mountain, near which we came to the crest of the spine. - Now you have to go this way to the very bottom, where the former get to travel seekers.

He held us to the desired descent and a parting advice:

- But do not go dark because the mountains are not joking. Then you and the map will not help.

Petroleum Development

Descent was very rapid, but reliable guide - power lines. In addition, soil blurred once-in-time vyzyraly pipe on which perekachuvaly oil.

Finally we descended to the river and went on more or less normal way. Doubts disappeared - and this is the river and that is the way we need. So the man was right. But first, he twisted the map, I could not believe that it is not wrong - this was a significant deviation from the route. Moreover, in his voice felt hop and Andrew even made the assumption that there are not extracting oil, and moonshine.


Recent rains

 Leaving on good vyyizhdzhenu way, we started climbing it along the river in search of bed. Beaten path allowed to develop high speed, so less than an hour we passed a lot and stayed overnight.

At this point merged two mountain rivers: Zelenytsia and Zubrynka. Earlier, at their place of connection road bridge was located, but now about it only showed grass overgrown road that reaching to the river obryvalasya vertically downwards. Now the machine overcame the river ford just below the downstream, near the wash metal structure of the former bridge.

While Andrew was standing with backpacks, Dima I went in search of a platform for the camp. Although located near a large meadow, we could not find it any place nezabolochenoho. Only at the edge of the old road was straight and dry, although not very widely.



There once was a bridge

We moved things in the last minute when it was still not very dark, began to camp affairs. Traditionally, Andrew began to build a fire, Dima ran down to the waters, and I set about to put a tent. Places to close it just enough. It was across the road, almost at the edge of the abyss zrobyvshys excellent sound barrier to the noise of water gushing rivers.

 Made in previous campaigns skills have enabled us to perform even in the dark is as it should. For the entire evening sky proronylo few drops of rain, that too could not but rejoice.

The first day ended without incidents.


July 10, 2005, Sunday

The first woke Dmitry. When I opened my eyes, it was no longer in the tent. Came out into the street, saw him near the river bank. He washed dishes and gaining water. I, meanwhile, set about hack branches for future fire. Nothing warms in the morning cold, physical labor.

After this, grabbed the camera and decided to explore the neighborhood in search of something interesting. On the lawn, as yesterday, stood deserted truck and tractor. Next Horse Pass, and near him lay a little loshatko. That picture: representatives of local fauna against the backdrop of spruce mountains, which rise with wisps of morning moisture.


Poblukavshy a little more, I'm the fifty yards upstream found beaten path that down to almost equal areas near the water. If we come to our accommodation at least half an hour earlier, it would necessarily have found that places and chose it. It was comfortable, bigger and better.

From there I went to the island in the middle of the river pebble. Downstream banks were bound with vertical cliffs. At the edge of one of them and I noticed our tent.

Breakfast is prepared, so I decided to check "samohonnu" theory Andrew. The latter group of oil pumps located a half kilometer below downstream. Speaking in Lviv and in minutes I was near them. They worked! Solid flywheels drawn and raised by moving wheel and working on the lawn dominated noise. And last night we saw it without any signs of life. Probably they also have their break.

When pasta zvarylysya and were scattered all over the bowl, started nakrapaty. Involuntarily zhadavsya yesterday's horror. But the rain did not hasten to worsen, only accelerated the morning meeting.



River Zelenytsia

River crossing near a metal structure. Surely she was here a long time and good people, little more logs and stones, made possible the crossing without wet feet. It was only ruined cities along the way, so we went without further adventure.

The sky was monotonous, lengthy clouds and he went monotonous rain, no recession and strengthened. Several times greeted pedestrians - the locals. When sat in the camp, saw, I moved wade local bus - truck Ural with a cockpit full of people.

Coming soon saw another tourist park. It was filled with tents and people looking from them, it seems, is going to go in the rain.

Soon came to a natural reserve "Gorgan", which predicted a few roadside stands. Places are so beautiful that we have not once stopped to take pictures.

And, behold, it was an end to "sweet" life - after the next ferry we had to turn right and start lifting. Speed ​​immediately dropped. And the rain not stopped. In the beginning we met one of the locals, who confirmed the correctness of the route, but warned:

- There, above the wet stones. But you guys are energetic - walk.

Rising forest path, met another small group. They were travelers, too, but without the backpack and went down to meet us. When we porivnyalysya and said hello, I asked:

- How there, above?

- Beautifully! Very nice!

- And rain there?

- E. All there.

Sad prospect - climb wet rocks in the rain. But hopefully for the better.

Gradually climbing easier. Rain began to give crashes. Soon the forest poridshav and become visible behind the surrounding mountains. Taking advantage of the lack of rain did stop. A view of the mountains around and quieted napuvav forces on the rise.

Not true to tradition, the rain started again after five minutes after the breather. We pophalysya they clothed backpacks and more. Gradually the angle of climb started to decline. Behind the scenes, the rain ended. Then we did not know that it ended the last rain in our campaign.

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