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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » Mountain Yaremche attractive waterfall and rocks Dovbusha
Mountain Yaremche attractive waterfall and rocks Dovbusha

Mountain Yaremche attractive waterfall and rocks Dovbusha
If the two weekends before, and little money, you can visit Yaremche in Ivano-Frankivsk. This great mountain views and a special air (very useful for those who have problems with the respiratory tract). A lot of houses covered with tiles, which provides: old look.
On the rest can go to Yaremche any time of year. On a tour of all the sights enough in one day.
Since the bridge jump
should not
Resort town is very compact. Number of camp sites and resorts to strikes per square meter. In addition, there are all benefits of civilization - mobile communications, ATMs, shops, taxis and more.
All tourists are first rate falls on "Break". It is small - eight meters. The old-timers say that once more he is impressed, but steep stairs specially blown it easier to conflate the forest. For turbulent flow can be seen from the bridge, where tourists always accumulate.
Wealthy summer visitors entertained local boys diving into the water from the bridge for money. However, repeat this "feat" rescuers strongly recommended. The photo on the background of "disruption" can be done on stones under the bridge. While some approach to water is not necessary, boulders - wet and slippery, and flow - rapid, vydryapatysya alone is not all.
Sellers of gift items and can arrange for accommodation
Immediately after the bridge souvenir market. Eyes lost, though most pavilions great choice, but the same. Sellers can not just tell Gutsulskuyu authentic, but willing to enlighten any question: Where to Sleep, and where that taste. After 15 minutes you will be armed with information on 100%, and perhaps even arranged for the night.
Wool, jewelry boxes, mugs, metal and leather, musical instruments, clothes, amulets ... You can leave and 20 USD, and a few hundred dollars. Although if you want to seriously otovaryuvatysya souvenirs, then all Gutsulskuyu creativity can be purchased by a third cheaper in Kosovo in the same masters. Perhaps it is there and bought souvenir sellers market in Kalush.
Wooden restaurant was built without any nails
On the other hand is a unique waterfall restaurant Huzulschyna, built of wood without any nails. Inside a little dull, all decorated with wood carvings, skins of animals, musical instruments. Prices in the menu bite, and at the entrance sign "Tours are not conducted.
Features tasty and inexpensive meal in Yaremche is plenty. Many inn and cafe, where gutsulskie food delicious and affordable.
Another tourist route starts 10 minutes walk from the center - the mountain path length of 6.5 kilometers Chernohorytsya. Here foresters equipped spacious enclosure where deer live, wild boars, foxes. Way there are several pavilions with barbecue source, although not curative, but here yaremchantsi fill with water for drinking.
You can walk along the path Oleksy Dovbusha and come to a unique cluster of rocks. According to legend, here in the cave and hid gutsulskuyu leader.
Incidentally, the guide on the town can take a local teenager. They themselves on the streets offer excursions and can, in addition to well-known tracks, mountain paths behave.

I wonder
In the nineteenth century Yaremche was a favorite place for wealthy people from Poland and Austria-Hungary. This z'yizhdzhalosya gentlemen from Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Lviv. In Soviet times the city took in numerous sanatoriums for children and adults.
Yaremche is situated at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level in a mountain valley in the forest and mountain streams.

Natalia Humeniuk, 30 years:
- In Yaremche husband have visited in winter and summer. There's a wonderful nature, though too many tourists. Once there celebrated a birthday. Barbecue in a mountain alcove and Prut River special. Skiing does not know how to ride, but ride the mountain on oilcloth - is also a blast of adrenaline. However unpleasant surprise prices for souvenirs, they are not designed for traditional Ukrainian tourist. n
Chernivchanyn Victor:
- Do not know what to do there, say, a week, but a weekend trip worthwhile. It was there once. Jarred the city very dirty. In addition, it is better to ask those who have been there, where to dine. We were lucky, was expensive and unsavory. And throughout the rest Yaremche beautiful and interesting. My daughter got very emotional.

Flights from Chernovtsy at 7.30
(Yaremche at 07.11).
Bus flight "Kamenets PodilsKyi-Rahim" in Chernivtsi at 12.25 (16.30 Yaremche)
Flight "Khmelnitsky-Yaremche" in Chernivtsi at 13.10 (17.00 Yaremche). Tickets cost 23 Hryvnia.

You can reach by train - the so-called "Red Ruth, it is cheaper, but long and difficult.
From Chernivtsi to Coloma train departs at 5.02 (ticket price - 4 rate), from Coloma diesel train on Rachel - at 8.15 (ticket price - 3.50).

Where to stay
You can in a fashionable hotel, you can in the boarding house (room rent, or not in each Yaremchanskoy yard).
Very good room with a modern renovation to two can be removed for a hundred USD per day. You and 50 and even 30 Hr. Although it will be very plain, with facilities in the street and are unlikely to bed.
The hosts usually offer food and for additional USD 40.
In the winter holidays rates double.


In summer, a popular hiking, cycling and horse riding, mountain climbing. One of the most famous and accessible peaks - Mount Makovytsya (987 meters). You can get a few days with a tent and hold a wild vacation. If you come across a forester save three rate per person per day.
In the winter, a small ski lift for "Dummies" length of 300 meters. In addition, you can ride in a sleigh drawn troika horses, and snihokatah.
With Yaremche to ski resort Bukovel can be reached in 50 minutes by bus.

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