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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » Mountain Peak: Carpathians-2005
Mountain Peak: Carpathians-2005

Mountain Peak: Carpathians-2005
This time I want to talk about our first tour group in the Carpathians. After the Crimean we decided to try your hand at more wild lands. So in July 2005, traveled through the Carpathians. The route goes through the arc of Yaremcha to Kvasov, capturing part of Gorgan and Svydovets. Among the conquered mountains - Synyachka, Dovbushanka, Vedmezhyk, Flat, Black Clive, Troyaska, Blyznytsia. Journey I really liked, so after a few weeks after returning, I wrote about it a little work, who offers.

Mountain Peak: Carpathians-2005

 Quick assembly

July 8, 2005, Friday

         The idea to go hiking in the Carpathian mountains arose long ago, perhaps even immediately after his return from the Crimea. But for some reason we could not determine the last time, so tickets on the road has not had. This time, the uncertainty has reached its climax. Among those who could go into the mountains at any time, leaving only me and Dima.

Therefore, even before I had the slightest idea about our launch date, until called Andrew and clarified:

- I managed to find time! Will lead tomorrow. If you agree, I'm going for tickets.

The same day I collected things and today came from home to Kyiv. In the dormitory found Dmitri and, hastily compiled list, the "Great pocket" we bought food for a hike.

Later came work with Andrew and we shared food and equipment on three. It came out on nine kilograms of general cargo on each. Quite a bit, as a group of three persons.

Road to mountains


Long way to the mountains

 Spakuvavshy backpacks, we left the hostel. As always, fast acquisition, time to train remained dangerously scarce. I seemed an eternity minute taxi waiting at the bus stop and at least another eternity - the road to the station. Fortunately, this pidvechirniy time we did not hit any congestion in and got the goal in record time. Even the remaining time to calmly, slowly, get to the train and take their place.


July 9, 2005, Saturday

At six o'clock we came to the city. Stop the train lasted half an hour, so we left the stuffy wagon and going station came to a railway station square. Dmitry vidshukav payphone somewhere and stood beside him with the handset in hand.

- Maybe go down to the center? - Offered me Andrew.

- No, far away center, - I replied, glancing at his watch - but next to the Cathedral of St. George. If we sit on the tram, you'll look at him.

We waved bob hand, but call him so occupied that he ignored us. So the two of us sat in a tram car and drove.

Passing a few stops out. Across the road to heaven, put your apron Greek-Catholic Church of St. Olga, Elizabeth, like the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which on the Bolshaya Vasylkivska. Above the entrance rose a round stained glass, and on the sides found themselves in various sculptural shapes.

But St. George's Cathedral was not yet visible. To admire him, we had to go through several more quarters. Decided to take a risk. To save time - ran. And, behold, a solid wall over and over trypoverhivok park arose a majestic building of the cathedral. If we were still at least ten minutes extra time, perhaps, rose to its walls. But ... I had to run again, not to be late for a train. As for evil, not a single bus was traveling to the same station, and one taxi driver suggested a value that we just ran faster.

The clock at the station showed a greater than a minute after departure, but my watch this minute vidnimav. When run out on the platform, I realized that the latter was right - the train is still standing. However, the conductor has climbed and waited for the signal of departure, so we ran to his wagon, and vskochyly in the near future. There we have breath and when the train started moving, went to his compartment, where we waited for Dima. It is hard to imagine how he would feel if it were not mobile, which has allowed us to keep it informed of developments.

In Irkutsk we arrived without adventure. Once at the station, dropped backpacks, and Dmitry, meanwhile, mounted on tickets for local transportation. Along with the tickets he offered an anecdote about the peculiarities of local passenger traffic. When you purchase the cashier asked him: "You at 11.40 or before?". Dima chose the second option and she has published three flights of 12.20, explaining: "Do not worry about the time. Minibus will leave as soon as full. "And, indeed, we went an hour earlier mentioned.

Pretty soon we left the city. The relief around was flat and straight away just on the horizon synily Ridge Mountains. Gradually they approached, took us into the ring and came close on all sides.

The road followed the valley of the River Prut. Around it was a lot of towns that changed each other. Finally, at the next road sign is an inscription: "Yaremche", indicating the end of the trip. But before the stop, we saw almost the whole city and out of the van near the station.


First Steps

 The first interesting object in our path had become a waterfall Break, situated on the Prut River almost in the city. Way passed market souvenirs, but did not go inside. Certainly, these interesting places to visit, but only after the return for buying a valuable thing a days journey to the mountains, increasing the risk of losing its moving river prolazyachy haschamy or more in some way.

We crossed the Prut River Road bridge. Near Railway rose, and before him - the ruins of the old. The river here was not very wide and deep, but had a strong current. Apparently, during floods is going on here at all is something terrible.

Without rising, we came to where the road porivnyalasya with rail. Once it appeared in the restaurant "Huzulschyna. Conspicuous beauty in the eye of the main building, made of wood. "Photography" - krasuvalasya sign at the entrance. Walking past it, we began to feel the sound of the waterfall. Came closer and stopped to rest.

Break Falls

Above the waterfall stretches bridge, killed off people. And this was human, but here - just rush hour. On the other side sat the market souvenirs. Because some of the visitors walking in souvenir hats, shirts or souvenir nakynuvshy waving souvenir axes.



Noise and hum quickly tired of us, because we arrived at the mountain not to do so. Not long resting, we went back. The river crossed the railway bridge. And then turned west and soon put us way out of town. We went up the river valley, and spread around the slopes of mountains, richly covered with firs.

The bridge over the Prut

Read easily and pleasantly. Helped also by the fact that Dima has had to visit these places, so at least the first day you can forget about the road map and search on it.

Soon the road came to the sanatorium and turned left into the side tributaries. We somehow have not noticed immediately and stopped only after ten minutes when they went out to the village, which had come out. I had to go back.

From the resort went the other way along the path of dirt road, which ran parallel to the river, but above.

But the adventures were not over. Gradually, clouded sky, and before it became completely dark. Somewhere far away came the sound of thunder. Then again closer and closer again. After some time has thundered from all sides. But there was no rain.

- Let's lunch while the rain is gone - was born on offer.

We stopped near a small river that crossed the road. Yet entered the water and dry prepared lunch, the thunder ceased. But the rain started. Ate already under cloak.

Power rain gradually growing. When the peak of his power expired, they have not stopped, but was tolerable. So we decided to go. Fortunately, less than a ten minutes' walk, as the rain was over. But the clouds did not disappear.

Gradually becoming more and more ups. And, should stay on the bait as the rain began. And as they went - stopped. Such a method pidhanyannya tourists.

I must say that the road was nonunique. From time to time it away from others, but by certain signs, including yellow labels, Dima led us right way.

Soon began to appear carved woodland. Walking past one of nyy, we came under heavy rain. Here we were lucky to find a roadside wooden caravan. We went inside and found themselves in a dry place. Waiting until the rain utihnet, rozdyvylysya around.

In the carriage there were only two small windows. The walls were decker beds with mattresses. Middle of the room was in "stove". Was located at the entrance table with dishes. Rather, the loggers lived here during logging.

Perechekavshy rain, we moved on. Gradually, carved wood and finished landscape that rozhortavsya over lysym slope disappeared. In spite of the fact that we threw a cape as unnecessary, the effects of rain hit on feet. Numerous streams and water puddles on the road promochyly our sneakers to the last thread.

Soon we came to a small clearing where the road rozhodylasya several parties. Among her wooden sticks on the ground was laid giant arrow.

- I remember this place. We - there. - Said Dmitry and we went in the direction of the arrow.

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