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"Medicine Kamianets foot comes of age
                                                       nuclear medicine to help Age. "
E. Shtifater
In traditional Oriental medicine warming (Ju-therapy) occupies an important place is differently-manitnymy massage techniques, which use the effects on biologically active points. In the word-combination "Ju-therapy in literature often found the term" MOX "that reflects the plant used for heating in Japan.
The mechanism of therapeutic action mochsoterapiyi.
Would result in heating of the skin occurs enlargement dermal capillaries, moderate propotivannya plasma in the intercellular space and accelerated limfovidtok. The reaction by the skin rendering is demonstrated by the increase in volume of subcutaneous foundation as tzkozh in the formation of numerous blood vessels. These changes can be partially explained by the good treatment effect at different moksoterapiyi-nomanitnyh diseases. Found that getting the blood proteins as a result of warming creates a nonspecific stimulation of the immune system, affects the vascular tone, stimulate combined reflection of the retykuloendotelialnu system immunogenesis, defenses.
A number of humoral substances in the area of ​​warming affects the activity of the higher autonomic centers of the brain, leading to activation of various functions of internal organs, endocrine glands including the pituitary gland. This is reflected in the optimization of the circulatory system, breathing, etched-tion, excretion, rporno-motor systems and to reduce pain sensitivity.
Indications to moksoterapiyi.
Warms effective in a number of chronic diseases such as:
-Peripheral paresis and paralysis, solyaryty, depression;
Mono-and polyarthritis (including gouty arthritis), arthralgia, arthritis, steohondrozy with various degrees of damage, spondiloartrozy;
-Chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, 'feeling cold in the body, biliary dyskinesia, spastic colitis, and lasted v'yalozazhyvayuchi wounds;
-For reduction or complete absence of long aching pain;
-With secondary infertility of hormonal origin, with some menstrual cycle-in psoriasis, dermitah, neurodermatitis etc..
Moksoterapiya often used in patients with hypersensitivity to pain in the elderly and children, as well as in chronic diseases v'yaloperebihayuchyh. According drevnoshidnoyi Medicine moksoterapiya makes energy and normal blood move, pro-hrivaye meridians and dispels cold, strengthens the yang-energy and generates heat in the body, prevents diseases in-nal and enhances health.
In addition. Moksoterapiya improves digestion, eliminates colic, reduces swelling, speeds up the healing of old wounds, improve memory, and "cures many things that are not treatable by other methods.
Contraindications to the use moksoterapiy:
tumor, blood disease, specific infection (syphilis, tuberculosis, brucellosis), decompensated diseases of internal organs, connective tissue, congenital pathology of central nervous system.

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