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Information Yaremche

Information Yaremche
The city covers the south - western Ivano-Frankivsk region, occupying the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians mountain formations within Gorgan, Pokuts'ka - Bukovina Carpathians and Chernogori.

The area of ​​the city is 65.34 hectares, including agricultural land 6.95 hectares, and production
transport use - 0.31 hectares, populated area - 1.57 hectares
water area - 0.51 hectares.
In the city are 21 thousand 450 people. Population density is 32.5 people. 1 km. Apt.

City Yaremche Ivano-Frankivsk region is classified as regional subordination cities with the inclusion in the city limits such settlements: Yaremche Yamna and from the neighborhood of Dora, Str. Rest in Polyanitsya Yablunitsa, Voronenko Polanka.

On the basis of villages were formed Mykulychanska, Tatasivska, Jablunytsya Polyanytska and village councils in the urban village Vorokhta-settlement council. Because territory Yaremche with subordinate settlements called territory Yaremchanskoy City Council. The city has streamlined communications (rail and road) with other cities in Ukraine and abroad.

Within the city is the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians-Hoverla.

Yaremchanskoy Area Council - one of the most important recreational areas in the Carpathian region and Ukraine in general.

Centuries - culturally Yaremchanschina is part ethnographic ethnographical edge original culture, life and the Carpathian landscape.

Yaremche - relatively young city. The first mention of a city found in Yozefinskiy metrics during the year 1787. Records show that this was a Just and Dora lived there only five families. Researcher Professor V. Gutsulschiny Shukhevych in a statistical survey of the population for Galician Gutsulschiny 1880 used the definition of "Dora with Yaremche, Yamna with Bahrivtsem" to refer to the community at that time. During the XIX - early XX centuries, the population is growing significantly and is developing Yaremcha a mountain resort. At the beginning of XX century in Yaremche lived 970 persons (70% Ukrainian, 14% Poles, 16% Jews). In 1910 the Lviv magistrate's decision of 28 September this year farm Yaremche renamed own administrative unit - the communes under the same name.

Names represent certain interest for
researchers, and often their interpretation is ambiguous on this point. This includes place names Yaremchanschiny. There is evidence that are of regional literature of the first settlers Jeremi Godovanets on behalf of which allegedly went to the name of our city. Interesting assumption expresses Lviv Orientalist Yarema Rasulov (son of writer Irene Wilde), many place names Gutsulschiny can be interpreted as Turkic. The word "Vorokhta" means "Inferno" and "Yaremche" go back ". In one z.davnih magazines, published in Lviv is mention of a priest
Michael Yaremytskoho who had a parish in Yamniy 60 years of XVIII century. Maybe that church lands reached an uninhabited places just in the south) easterly direction downstream Prut and people worked for the church and the priest. So the name could go public with the name and Yaremytskoho.

Final arguments on the name Yaremche not.
Neighborhood Yamna Dora and confirmed the first written mention of 1618

The name of the village of Dora, according to most old-timers came on behalf of women - beautiful Dora. But there is another interpretation of the name, "Dora" - a consecrated bread Shukhevych R. identify "Dora" from their belts. Researcher Gutsulschiny B. Leshchuk nominated production version of the origin of place names Dora - of the term "expensive," "Dora," that is the place cleared for farmland: rooting out - doruvannya bushes stubs. There are other versions. Tartars. Parshonazva Prutets. The earliest mention of archival data dating from 1651

In 1669 he called Belzets.
From 1673 - Tatars, and in 1946 renamed us. Krementsy .. In 2000 returned to the name of Tartars.

1412 first mention of the village. Mykulychyn. The first written mention of the establishment Vorohty with. Polyanitsya back in 1820 with archival data. 1643 first mention of the establishment with. Yabluchnytsya. Village Voronenko mentioned in literature since 1873.

During the First and Second World Wars Carpathians were a theater of military operations. As a result, were destroyed and lost some rest homes, villas, boarding houses, a stone bridge - an aqueduct over the River Prut in Kalush.

After World War II because of the administrative bureaucratic arbitrariness was replaced by birth forms "Yaremche" and "Yaremcha. The name "Yaremche" found in the cadastral maps, official reports of the late XIX early XX century German, Polish and Ukrainian. Besides the name "Yaremche" used John Franco, Michael Pavlik, Mark Cheremshina, Christ Alchevsk, Ostap Cherry and other prominent figures.

20/04/1963, by decree Executive Committee Yaremche received city status. The cities of regional subordination classified according to the decree of parliament 30.12.1977roku.

Today, the city became a center of tourism and recreation in the Carpathian Mountains. July 27 marks the day Yaremche.

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