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Gutsulskaya kitchen

Gutsulskaya kitchen surprisingly tasty and very simple food, but the cooking method has its secrets and features. Used hutsuly products such as corn meal and grits, potatoes, mushrooms and sheep milk products. The most common dishes are gutsulskimi banosh, mushroom soup, cheese, rosivnytsya. Then - a description of some gutsulskih.

Brynza (cheese, bryndza) - kind of cheese made from sheep milk. Cheese produced men as shepherds were always men. Primarily for cooking brynza filtered sheep milk and milk zakvashuvaly that vystoyalosya kid in the stomach. Then put a dish of milk and stir the fire - thus formed piece of cheese that are suspended in a warm place. Made cheese called Budz. Later Budz pound of salt and butter - and then get the cheese.

Banush - Banu best prepared to fire in the pot, but now the mistress prepares at home. First the water stir sour cream made from sheep milk is poured into the bowl and bring to a boil. Then heap corn meal or grits, stirring the pool must wooden spoon, until the surface will not show oil. Dish prepared is served with cooked bacon and cheese.

Vurda - a type of sheep cheese, formed from whey.

Mushroom soup - for cooking soups are chicken broth, boiled in a dry white mushrooms. Then add home-made noodles, spices and greens.

Partying - dairy product made from cow or sheep milk. Milk is boiled, remove from heat, cool, add a spoonful of sour cream, mixed thoroughly and cooled.

Rosivnytsya - broth with roast pork, sauerkraut, which zahuschuyut corn grain.

Knysh - rolls, stuffed with boiled potatoes or cheese

Shpenya - a dish of beans.

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