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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » extreme hiking
extreme hiking

extreme hiking

Certainly there are skeptics, that names such extreme hiking inappropriate way to express themselves, perhaps, but you poprobuyme. Get pyzytyvni emotions naturally, feel the beat of the heart, srah, anger, hunger, adrenalin attack. Such you will never see from the window of a tram, it makes sitting in his cushy office. Endorfines not allocated to the contemplation of Trash container right next door ...

Porridge for the sweetest smoke smachniha marzipan

I'll go to the distant mountains, the wide meadows

Fairy outfits for Smerichki

In the meadow

eat standing up, no waiting time, and sit here next to what the main thing is not catching woof "

mute silence snow desert. Silence from which styhne blood goes cold in the skin

stop short moment

above clouds

another peak. For near ... roztyahnylas group sites all over the slope. The noise of creaking snow and knock the heart ...

Ramblers, and nearly ostanovys silence the memory of our friends, life kotorыh oborvalas tragically in this place 26 January 1990,.

Nezkinchenni ups are overcome without skis. Knocking in the ears, the speed of almost 0km / h

Creation of wind - snow chimeras

Loss of a sunrise - vtartyty moment in life that will never happen again

This story you like pleasure "yazno Trygub presented" as Taras P. mountain rescue team member Yaremchanskogo rescue squad, competent leader, guide, mentor and just a good person, and your humble servant. By the words of Taras Petrovich hiking on mountain peaks Goverlu Hom "as Pip Ivan and many other passages in ranges and valleys - is an unforgettable journey where you will face grave physical test, mystic legends and pride in themselves, perhaps meaningless but personally conquered preremohu. A victory in each of our own! We are all champions! We Are The Campions! This theme of one of Freddie Mercury songs. Let it be your divisions.

we broke the route, we almost home

analysis "fly" away from the forest.

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