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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Eight days in the mountains. Fourth day
Eight days in the mountains. Fourth day

Eight days in the mountains. Fourth day

Mts. Tavpishyrka (Polish Yavorchyk) - g Talpych - ur. Hell - half. Ruschyna - G. Syvulya Small - Large Syvulya g - g Lopushna - G. Borevka (at the turn lane. Pohar)
Route leg length: 21 km

This route is the most difficult and longest. In addition, this area is the greatest elevation. But it is in these places the best views.
Map for route

Map for route

You must continue to stand as at 9 o'clock.

About 10 hours to arrive tablets labeled "Taupishyrka. State Botanical Reserve. From here, ascending the ridge Taupishyrka.

10.30. Already on the spine. On a ridge going down the road that leads along the column, which separates the Ivano-Frankivsk and region. In the middle of the spine Taupishyrka'll find a wonderful panorama to the mountain Syvulya (1818 masl).
Large and small Syvulya

Large and small Syvulya

After the highest point of the spine Taupishyrka you see the road to pass Legion (blue and white marker) that goes to the left. But we have to go straight to Mount Talpych.

11.30. To reach the mountain Talpych want to go down to the spine. Sam descent is quite difficult - for a rapid and tsekotah.

12.30, get on Meadow, from which is ascending the mountain Talpych (Tavpysh) to column number 14.

13.00. Talpych mountain (1450 m). From the mountain to go to Hell Tracts (column number 18). On the road near the column number 16 is a mountain valley where the stream can draw water.

15.30. You can dine at the column number 17.

17.00 - Hell tract.

17.30 - Polonyna Ruschyna.

18.45 - Little Mountain Syvulya (1818 m).

19.30 - Great Syvulya mountain (1836 m).

20.10 - Lopushna mountain (1694 m). Next to B & little can go down the mountain Borevka G. (1596 m) and make dinner.

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