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Economic and geographic location Yaremche

Economic and geographic location Yaremche
          The city covers the south-western Ivano-Frankivsk region, occupying the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians mountain formations within Gorgan, Pokuts'ka-Bukovina Carpathians and Chernogori. According to the Decree of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of 12/30/1977, the Yaremche Ivano-Frankivsk region is classified as regional subordination cities with the inclusion of its boundary in such settlements: Yaremche town. Rest in with. Tatar, sec. Mykulychyn with. Yablunitsa with. Voronenko with. Polyanytsya. On the basis of villages formed Tatarovskogo, Mykulychynske, Yablunitsky Polyanytska and village councils and village councils Vorokhta. In the border village council is Yablunytskyi Voronenko village. Because territory Yaremche with subordinate settlements called territory Yaremchanskoy City Council. The total area of ​​this territory - 65 665 ha, including: agricultural lands - 6949 hectares of industrial and transport use - 308 hectares, the settler area - 1568 hectares, water area - 505 hectares.
       The main feature of economic-geographical location of the Yaremchanskoy City Council is that the only significant industrial resources of the area is complex with significant recreational potential. Favorable factor is also a small distance to the borders of four European countries. The city Yaremche natural base of the economy is and remains a tourist and recreation as zobumovlyuye almost complete lack of large industrial enterprises. Today in Yaremchanskoy City Council involved in the production of four industrial enterprises, including: LLC Vorokhta Timber Company, LLC Tatarovskogo timber, JV West - Wood, PVKF Kermanich and K ". Territory Yaremchanskoy City Council - one of the most important recreational areas in the Carpathian region and Ukraine in general.

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