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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 12 » Ecological situation
Ecological situation

Ecological situation
         Territory Yaremchanskogo city council of the most environmentally friendly areas in Ukraine, because of the nature of mountain terrain, high forest area, the lack of large industrial enterprises. However, centuries-old economic development of the territory is violated natural ecosystems and reduced their biological stability. Much zbidnyvsya species composition of the local fauna and flora. Changed indigenous forest ecotopes, which perform important functions vodorehulyuyuchi and soil. This has led to the spread of harmful ekzoheodynamichnyh processes: linear and planar erosion, mudflows, avalanches, landslides, avalanches, floods, which cause significant environmental damage. Some have spread nude erozovani slopes, stone placers, ravines, affected land. Significant harm, especially when the northern winds, causing the area of ​​industrial emissions Nadvornaya. Most establishments catering, homes, some companies throw wastes in the Prut river and its tributaries, which also negatively affect the ecological environment. Thus, we can assert the existence of negative dynamics in the ecological situation. Today is a very necessary development and implementation of environmental special programs. This in turn requires appropriate institutional arrangements and funding. Therefore this problem is closely connected with the general socio-economic position in the region.

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