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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » Correction GYMNASTICS


Symmetric complex


- In walking

1. On your toes (hands on the belt, legs straight, shoulders deployed)

2. On the heels (hands behind his back at the castle, the blades are reduced, legs straight)

3. In poluprisede (knees slightly bent, hands on waist, back straight)

4. In the squat (back straight, hands locked in her lap)

5. On my knees (back straight, hands on belt)

6. On all fours (on toes legs straight, hands on palms)

7. Breathing exercise (hands on waist, bend back into the thoracic region - a breath, leaning forward - expiration)

8. Control of posture (to be back to the wall, press it to her heels, buttocks, shoulders, neck - straighten up: a step from the wall and take the same position)

Main parts:

- Sitting

1. The elongation of the spine: back straight, pull your hands up, slowly lean forward, grab the foot, bending your elbows to stretch the legs.

2. Hands breed apart, back straight, lift the legs, bend your knees, grab their hands pressed to his chest, return to the IP

3. Hands-ups from the rear; raise the "delete both legs simultaneously.

4. Direct hand in the back fence, raising widely breed feet, reduced, omitted.

5. Direct hand in the palm behind; legs bend, put on socks, straighten, press your heels to the floor and pull toes toward you.

6. Direct hand in the back fence, away from the floor, resting on his heels, looking up.

7. Grab her knees, swaying back and forth back ("roly-poly")

- Supine

1. Siphon: hands up, legs straight, heels pointed. Stretched along the floor.

2. The legs are pressed together to the floor, hands over his head: to sit down, straighten your back, lie down again.

3. Clasp his knees pressed to his chest: to raise his head, forehead to knees. Return, the IP

4. Straight leg raise: down slowly in the direction of dilutions (herringbone)

5. Raise and lower the straight leg, bending and straightening the foot.

6. Bend the legs, put a foot on the floor: lift the back, leaning on the foot and shoulder.

7. Raise the head, chin to chest, shoulders off the floor - breathing out. IP - Inhalation.

- Lying on stomach

1. Hands under chin, pressed to the floor: a straight leg raise up deleted.

2. Leg press to the floor: to raise straight arms forward upward omitted.

3. Hands-ups under the shoulders: to lift up his head and shoulders, arms straight. Return to IP

4. Seize arms socks: raise up the power straightening your knees, pull your chin. IP

5. Dilute hand in hand palms upward, legs to lift ("Swallow").

6. Dilute straight legs, lifting them up. IP

7. Hold up straight legs and arms: rocking back and forth ("Boat").

- Kneeling

1. Hands pressed along the body: Slowly lean back, keeping the correct posture. Return to IP ("Soldier").

2. Dilute the heel, to sit between them on the floor, hands at waist, back straight: stand up.

3. The elongation of the spine, arms up, pulled back: to sit down at heel, squeeze the chest to the knees, stretch your hands forward on the floor, pull the head with his hands.

4. Being in the position of streamers (Simp. 3), hands shoulder-width: up with heels, belly to lay on the floor, bending in the thoracic and lumbar spine, arms straight. Return to IP

5. Standing on the 'fours: bend back down, throwing back her head back, deploy shoulders arched back up, pulling in his stomach, his chin pressed against his chest.

6. Emphasis on hands and toes (knees): push-ups from the floor (the benches).

7. Pull up - breath, lean forward, arms back to start - exhale.


- Standing

1. Fists pressed to his shoulders: straighten your arms up, fists to the shoulders, to separate arms to the side, his fists to the shoulders, bring your hands straight-forward, go back to the IP

2. Fists to the shoulders: a circular motion with his elbows back and forth.

3. Circular motion back and forth straight arms.

4. Hands on his belt: squat, wide dilute his knees, his arms forward, up, hands on your hips.

5. Pull up his arms, head, back: bend, stretch to the toes.

6. Hands bent at the elbows at shoulder level: two jerk back elbows, two jerk back straight arms, palms up.

7. Raise your hands up - breath, throw your hands down, shake the tassels - exhale.


All exercises are performed strictly symmetrical: the head to keep straight, look ahead, keep your hands on one level, the legs joined together heel to heel.

Keep your back straight, shoulders are deployed, his chin lifted.

In a standing position - heels together, toes apart.

Each exercise is carried out very slowly, at least 10 seconds {quickly do the exercise: standing - a circular motion straight arms).

Carrying out exercises legs, toes strained to keep and return them to the IP to the same place (his best chart).

Extraction are performed up to 3 minutes each.

Capturing the tribes performed: the left hand - his left knee, right hand - right.

Amount of exercise depends on the physical training.

Classes should start with 3, 5 and repetitions of each exercise, gradually increase to 20 repetitions, with a subsequent complication.

Complicate the exercise, you can: performing them without rest, and then using a burden to the hands and feet (the weight from 0,5 to 2,0 kg).

Over time, every day should be performed on two sets (in the morning an hour after breakfast, day two hours after lunch).

Physical exercise is forbidden to do before bedtime.

Perform exercises in walking with a load on her head.

Exercise of the need to go swimming.

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