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Coloma Yaremche

Coloma Yaremche - a charming corner of the natural landscape Carpathians, an important spiritual, cultural, artistic, commercial and economic center region with a rich and glorious history, which also attracts scholars and artists from all over Ukraine and abroad.
Of interest to tourists from around the world today is unique in the museum collection of folk art and Gutsulschiny Pokuttya Museum "Easter egg", an updated historical and cultural center.

Yaremche Coloma is located in the southeastern part of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, halfway between Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi. Due to its favorable location in the tourist city received very aptly named "Gateway Carpathians. Coloma passes through areas of Lviv railway. In addition, all the main tourist routes from west to east pass through town.

Rest in Coloma Yaremche has its own, unmatched by anything the atmosphere: here life is raging, many young people, reigns of reviving, but no fuss, and sadly there are commoners, and rather strange "masters of life." Sit at a table with any of the outdoor restaurants and posposterihayte by defilyuyuchoyu despite your audience. In the words of the pedestrian zone. We recommend it, not without pride. It covers the historic core of the city, here pl. Renaissance (formerly Rynok) and the main street - named after. Chornovil and much more. This is the most comfortable area of ​​the city: people here like to walk, meet, lively and pleasant talk, there's a paradise for shoppers, you can relax among all the commotion.
There is almost no one turns, hearing a foreign language. Visitors from distant countries became familiar sight.

Coloma Yaremche famous as a tourist center - here is where to go and what to see. That is what attracts many tourists. Over time, the page will be posted Yaremche Coloma attractions, tours, photos of interesting places. If you have interesting information on attractions Coloma Yaremche vkarpatah@ukr.net send it and we are happy to publish your name showing. Let's create together an interesting site about recreation and entertainment in Ukraine.

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