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City Yaremche

City Yaremche located in the southwestern part of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, occupying the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians mountain formations within Gorgan, Pokuts'ka-Bukovina Carpathians and Chernogori.

The first historical mention of Yaremche datuyetcya year 1787. According to legend, over two hundred years ago there dwelt had escaped from feudal pressure Jarema Godovanets. With his name and associated city names.

The city began to develop actively after the construction of railroads Stanislav (now Ivano-Frankivsk) - Yaren - Vorokhta - Rachel in 1894r. That was meant for export of wood in industrial areas of Austria-Hungary, Poland and other countries. In the years 1906-1910 was introduced to the timber in the village Vorokhta Where was the industrial zone which has operated in development at present. Earlier Yaremche began to develop as a summer residence camp, where rested residents of Lviv, Krakow, Warsaw.

City Yaremche Ivano-Frankivsk region since 1977 is classified as regional subordination cities with the inclusion of its boundary in such settlements: Yaremche Yamna and from the neighborhood of Dora, Str. Rest in with. Tatar, sec. Mykulychyn with. Yablunitsa with. Voronenko with. Polyanytsya. On the basis of villages formed Tatarovskogo, Mykulychynske, Yablunitsky Polyanytska and village councils and village councils Vorokhta. In the border village council is Yablunytskyi with. Voronenko. Because territory Yaremche with subordinate settlements called territory Yaremchanskoy City Council.

Since Ukraine became independent, Yaremche is developed resort center of tourism and recreation in the Carpathian Mountains. Almost half the Yaremche - 31 hectares located within the Carpathian National Nature Park (KNPP) - Ukraine's first formed in 1980. Total park area - 50,3 hectares The main purpose of its creation is to preserve unique natural landscapes of Central Europe that are characterized by a rich gene pool, the presence of rare virgin forest ecosystems and considerable recreational potential, and help maintain ecological balance in the region. Especially attractive tourist river rapids and many picturesque waterfalls (Hook, Break and others). With splashes of pure water, hydrogen sulphide springs, caves, rocks and other interesting natural formations. Once the winter season begins, as Carpathians attracting winter sports fans not only from all over the country but also abroad. Experts say that over the past two years the number of tourists in the Carpathians tripled. This is not surprising, because every year in the Carpathian region is improving tourism infrastructure: increasing the number of tourist facilities, recreation centers, offers accommodation in the private sector, built new lifts, taking measures to solve the transportation of tourists. Tourist Complex Bukovel that Yaremche - Ukraine's only ski resort in world-class real paradise for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. Carpathians? is not only a ski tourism, summer is no less beautiful and interesting. That summer holidays in the Carpathians of his time preferred Ivan Franko, Lesya Ukrainian, Hrushevsky, Michael Kotsyubynsky, Vasil Stefanik. Tourists are offered a large number of excursions for all tastes: hiking, horseback, bicycle? To learn more about the natural resources of the land, subject? to better understand everyday life, customs and ceremonies of the local population. One can even take part in local ceremonies and celebrations. The population maintained folk traditions, the most interesting of them - gutsulskaya "Rozkolyada, Andrew evenings, Jordanian Kupala holiday Gutsulskaya keeper. Especially popular with holidaymakers enjoy these tours: "on Hoverla", "path Dovbusha", "At h.Homyak", "on Pip Ivan. Interesting object in a museum Yaremche Metropolitan Sheptitskogo Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathians, the Museum of Ukrainian antiquity, the monastery of St. Elijah and St. Andrew, visit ecotourism center. Yaremchanschiny important for the activity of investors who are developing tourism infrastructure land. In particular, among the major investment projects aimed at developing tourism in the region is a further development of the tourist complex Bukovel (completion of the new alternative road, construction of new lifts, increase the total length of lines, expanding hotel base and infrastructure) and a "shoestring Park" in Kalush.

Living Yaremchanschiny will amaze you with their hospitality, diligence, kindness. Therefore, combined with historical sights and beautiful recreational resources are inherently complement the beauty of the city today.

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