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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 20 » Carpathians, the third day. VELOPROHULYANKA
Carpathians, the third day. VELOPROHULYANKA

Carpathians, the third day. VELOPROHULYANKA

On the last day it was decided to somehow help burn calories and dialed ride a bike. We chose the shortest route - Yaremche-Zhonka Falls (2.5 km). By the way, the city faces several advertising boards with marked bicycle routes, which is typical, all boards sponsoruvani EU)

The mistake was to take life Velika rental and check them out. In my non opuskalosya saddle, because I once again managed to crash (as the proverb says, "standing-standing and fallen), and the other was plucked wire transfers and by the end rozkrutylosya wheel.


On the way zayihaly in a small park where you can ponyashkat deer and boars.
Here's one of us saw deer - ran to the net, perhaps hoping for handouts.


About an hour and a half ride we got to the waterfall, although total route length of 2.5 km, but go on the rocky hill that you are not on the level of asphalt kolesyty because most of the way there we were just bikes. The feeling is not forgotten.

Vodospadik quite small.


Water and downright cold. Some guys even managed to bathe.

This small veloprohulyanka inspired me to Biking in Crimea, for example. Remains only to find a company) No one-hour ride is not great?

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