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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 20 » Carpathians, the second day. VOROKHTA
Carpathians, the second day. VOROKHTA

Carpathians, the second day. VOROKHTA

I'll start from the beginning. From the place where we had breakfast - Pirizhkova house - very tasty food, especially pies;) and very cheap. Fun was that in this, it would come down on the capital, the cafe is no cash register, as on the calculator!

On the wall is painted Hutsul happily flapping hatchets "And you ate Gribova zupu?

Posnidavshy, we headed to the railway station. In Vorohtu we were going to ride on the legendary train Carpathian Diesel Red Ruth. For us children of asphalt, it's like attraction for locals and valuable form of transport. In the guidebook was written that the local like to carry on this train goats and sheep, which we really hoped to see:)

Actually, the train itself. Nash was a bit cleaner)

Tickets bought for half an hour before departure and immediately discovered that the train is delayed for half an hour and then another half hour.

Actually a very cool ride on this train, it is almost parallel to the river Prut, even through several tunnels. Vorohty to go 30 minutes, if further down to get to Yasin, Rahova.

Upon arrival it was found that the very long platform (for which we actually went) 3 as the years have not worked, and in general, Vorokhta how seriously resort town Bukovel make room: (

One of the attractions Vorohty - bridge viaduct, built in 19 century., May be one of the first such bridge in Europe

In the tourist camp "Vanguard". Old, no longer existing artificial slopes. Some time ago, even 6 years ago when I was here, she met another of those still trenuyuschyhsya skiers. And the bulb still worked: (Though a little more lift slapdash work.
Rod in Vorohty

View from the train station.

The road back was not so nice ... cloud people gathered, it was very hot and stuffy, the train was crowded. Fortunately, some guys saw how we suffer and called us povysovyvat head out the window 8)

Next time, better still go to Bukovel.

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