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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » Carpathian tour by car - Khmelnitsky - Lions
Carpathian tour by car - Khmelnitsky - Lions

Carpathian tour by car - Khmelnitsky - Lions

Cursory run through Ukraine and to see everything at once prakicheski impossible. Especially such a wonderful resort area as Transcarpathia. It's so interesting place that you can hang on for weeks and still see only a small fraction of local attractions. But the more it seems unrealistic when you do not know that, and most importantly - where to look ...

That this did not happen to your trip, we offer a relatively small road trip, which will show you the main attractions ety amazing places. It can fly, and 3-4 days, and you can drive slowly, in detail oznakamlivayas with the local beauty and architectural monuments. We will start with the city of Khmelnitsky, which can be reached from Kiev through Zhitomir on a good track.

Khmelnitsky - small (about 260 thousand inhabitants) and a beautiful city. His comfort will soften your tired of the road. The city itself is a little valley, so the entrance was called striking appearance. It's hard to describe, it should only see. Here particularly impressive temples. In Khmelnytsky them quite a lot, ranging from old and very old, and ending with modern, built in the spirit of neo-style. Also downtown you can walk along a picturesque pedestrian street (Cathedral), where many cozy cafes waiting for a guest. The cathedral rests on the Independence Square - well, just like in the capital of Ukraine (Kiev). Also worth a visit arboretum, History House and Museum, GS Verey (str Podolsky, 12) and Khmelnytsky Art Museum (St. Proskurovskaja, 47). You can stay in upscale hotels.

Khmelnitsky hotels are waiting for their guests. Now our path lies in Kamenetz-Podolsk.
Khmelnitsky - Kamenetz-Podolsk - 101 km

Kamenetz-Podolsky - A very ancient city with a huge number of temples and old buildings. But the star among the stories of these crystals is the famous castle of 14-18 centuries - Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve (Castle Street). It told the history of the Middle Ages. Also close by is a museum of ancient weapons. There is also worth a visit:

    * Armenian church of St. Nicholas - St. Long
    * St. Nicholas - St. Armenian, 1
    * Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - st. Cathedral
    * Goncharnaya Tower XVI century. - Str. Shafts
    * Armenian bastion of XV-XVII centuries - Str. Castle
    * Dendro - between st. Shevchenko and Onufrievskoy goes into Square Vasiliev and across the street Trinity Park extends to them. Lenin

Hotels in Kamenetz-Podolsk also listed on our site.
Kamenetz-Podolsk - Chernivtsi - 90 km

Chernivtsi small city (population then of 250,000) as the domain itself. Narrow, but cozy streets of the city will take you to the wooden churches of Nicholas (17), Pyatnitskaya Trinity on Klokuchke, Assumption on Klokuchke (18). In addition, there are many other dostopirmechatelnostey:

    * The residence of Metropolitan of Bukovina (now Chernovtsy University) - st. Kotsyubyns'kogo
    * Music and Drama Theatre. Olga Kobilyanska - st. Lysenko
    * Hall of Organ and Chamber Music - st. Armenian
    * St. Dukhovskoy cathedral - st. Headache
    * Art Museum - St. University
    * Hall of XIX century. - The intersection of ul. Head and Russian, but here are a lot of shopping centers.

Be careful - because of the relatively narrow streets, traffic jams often occur. So please be patient.

Hotels in Chernivtsi and data on them are listed in the description of the resort.
Chernivtsi - Coloma - 75 km

Coloma - a cozy town in the most Carpathians. Of particular interest to explore the museum Eggs, dedicated to the art of entertaining rasskaski Easter eggs (str Chernovil). The building is made in the original form, which practically can not be confused. In addition, you can visit: - The Museum of Folk Art Hutsulshchyna and Pokuttya them. Kobrin - st. Theatre - Drama - st. Theatres in the city are a number of well-equipped hotels willing to provide the best conditions for their stay, depending on your requirements. Coloma Hotels will welcome the new guests. Because of the close proximity of the city to the Carpathians, in hotels often a service organization of excursion trips to the mountains - at Polonyny.
Coloma - Yaremcha - on the highway along the Prut River - 46 miles (if you want to call more and Ivano-Frankivsk - 114 km)

Yaremcha - a small town with lots of attractions: - an architectural monument - a wooden restaurant Huzulschyna "- folk art souvenir markets Huzulschina - 3 waterfalls (the most beautiful of them - Cascade Waterfall Yaremchanski Guk, tutzhe organized souvenir market) - rock and stone Oleksy Dovbusha - 2 mineral source - an aviary with deer and roe deer - the church (St. Peter and St. Paul, Miracle of Archangel Michael, St. Elijah the Prophet, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, the Nativity of St.. John the Baptist, Saint. John the Merciful) - monystyri (Monastery of St.. Andrew monastery monks Studite, nunnery Association of the Sisters of Charity of St.. Vikentiya) - Monuments (Shevchenko, partisans kovpakovtsam, SV Rudnev, O. Dovbusha, P. P. Vershigory) - Museums (Metropolitan Museum of A. Sheptitskogo, Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of Carpathians) - 2 ski lifts.

Hotels Yaremche will surprise you with their comfort.
Yaremcha - Rakhov - 65 km

Now we are moving in the Carpathian region itself. The boundary of the Transcarpathian region is a high point of the mountain pass (931 m above sea level), with stunning views of Goverlu (the highest mountain of Ukraine). Here is a small rynochek. Basically, it sells a variety of souvenirs and clothing from sheep's wool, made hutsul masters. After this pass is a winding mountain road, revealing to you the most beautiful scenery the Carpathians. Near vetsya small and clean creek, and majestic forest gives you an amazing freshness of pine. But we should not divert attention from the road. The road is narrow and winding, so it is always necessary to be vigilant, because in these places is often an accident.

Rakhov - a small resort town with excellent amenities at any time of year. The main attractions Rakhova can be considered:

    * Mount Bliznitsa, which remained rare now a representative of the flora - Edelweiss (Alpine bilotka)
    * Waterfall Trufanets - smt Yasinya - the highest waterfall in the Transcarpathian region, located 2 km from the highway Yasinya-Rakhiv

And, of course, you should visit Rakhova hotels and rest the other day here.
Rakhov - Dilove - 17 km

Dilove - Near the village Dilove can stop and stare at the geographical center of Europe. This center in 1887 calculated the Austrian surveyors and put pillar in the north of the village. If specially selected the most beautiful place in the area. Although the Norwegians in 1990, calculated the same center in Lithuania near Vilnius. However, many argue that the Carpathian place more worthy of being called the geographic center of Europe. Even if not by geography, by the beauty. There is also a good restaurant and a small rynochek gift - a great way to break from a long and eventful journey. Apart from that, you should look into the wooden Church of the Assumption with the exposition of national historical museum.
Dilove - Danilov - 79 km

Not reaching a bit to Justa (10 km), take the main road in the village Sokirnitsy, Kraynikovo, Danilova - they are almost all close by and in each of these villages is its wooden "Gothic" church, ages 17-19, these churches are very peculiar and beautiful. Also in the village Danilovo can visit the interesting Museum of the edge and talk to him hranitilnitsey - Peacock Petrovna Shimon, the location of the museum you can ask the locals.
Danilova - Hoost - 17 km

Hust is located in a picturesque location Carpathians, thus turned into a great resort place, where thousands of tourists come from all over Europe and beyond. The main attractions Justa can be considered:

    * Khustskyy lock the XII century. - On top of the 140-meter high mountain konusopodobnoy
    * Elizavetskuyu Church of the XIII century.
    * Reformed Church-fortress of the XIII century.
    * City Council Justa
    * Valley of daffodils, which bloom every season these wonderful flowers is becoming a Mecca for many travelers.

Justa hotels await you.
Hust - Coast - 57 km

Beregovo. At 30 km on the highway to turn left in Mukachevo Beregovo. This small settlement, too, laid up some surprising secrets:

    * Catholic reformers in the XV.
    * The architectural complex of the city center - an ensemble of structures in the XVII. Princes Yard
    * A unique ski jump with a 50-meter pool
    * Wine cellars, carved into the rock in 1913

Beregovo also famous for its thermal springs and Nevetskim lock. And of course, hotels and motels Beregovo correspond to European standards and are waiting for your visit.
Beregovo - Mukachevo - 30 km

Mukachevo - a small town, built in an old European style. Very popular among tourists enjoy Castle Palanok ", built in the 14 th century castle on the hill. In old age Palanca called oak palisade, and this was at the time of fortification. However, over the years, the castle was rebuilt many times, and increasingly urkeplyalsya. Now this is a huge protective structure with four terraces, okruzhennemi strong walls and moats. And the castle itself has about 130 rooms, where there is an art gallery and history museum, with its rich collection MATERIALS history of this region. Also interesting to visit the Roman Catholic church of St Martin in which the service is conducted in the Hungarian language. There will also be interesting to visit:

    * City Hall 1906 - st. Pushkin
    * Carpathian Russian Drama Theatre - st. Reunions
    * Reformed Church - St. Duhnovicha
    * Palais des Princes Rakoczy "The White House» XVII-XVIII centuries - Sq. Peace
    * Art Gallery - St. Fedorova

Hotels Mukachevo forward to welcoming you and your family on vacation of any length for quite a reasonable price.
Mukachevo - Uzhgorod - 43 km

Uzhgorod - a small city (about 120,000 inhabitants) on the border with Poland, because of what the local culture is intertwined with the Polish. Attractions here very much. This and temples, and a beautiful promenade on the river Oh (just a little greenish river), and even a synagogue. Especially interesting is the castle-museum (the mid XIV century.) Standing in the middle of the city (street Podgradskaya). However, being in Uzhgorod well worth a visit:

    * Transcarpathian Art Museum - Postal area
    * Administrative building of the beginning of XIX century. - Postal area
    * The Roman Catholic Church of St. George - St. Fedintsa
    * Holy Cross Cathedral - St. Kapitulnaya
    * Ukrainian muzdramteatr - st. Leo Tolstoy
    * Botanical Gardens - Botanical Quay

As you can see for yourself, explore the whole city is difficult for one day, so play good service hotels in Uzhgorod, which will give you a great choice accommodation in comfortable rooms. Immediately outside the city in a village Nevytske is another very ancient castle. The first data in the history of it dating back from 1274 year. Its ruins look very picturesque. And what's interesting here is still being excavated. So on the tables of archaeologists, you can spread out to discover ancient artifacts from centuries past.
Uzhgorod - Kiev - 240 km

To get to the main road to Kiev to Uzhgorod you can go to Lviv to priimeru the shortest route through Uzhotsky pass. It passes through scenic spots and has extremely low traffic. However, it is worth considering two minuses - the road not in pristine condition and gas stations can not find a suitable quality of gasoline (so that it is desirable to fill the tank back in Uzhgorod). About the Lions, we will not specifically cover - it's completely separate issue and we will be able to read here. That such, we have a rich Carpathian tour-long 860 km and with a huge number of impressions.

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