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Carpathian National Park

Carpathian National Park

Location: Ivano-Frankivsk region, Verhovinsky area.
Area: 50495.0 ha
Subordination: Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine
Mailing address: 78500, Ivano-Frankivsk region. M.Yaremche st. Stus, 6
Tel. / Fax: (03434) 2-28-17
E-mail: cnnp@meta.ua

A view Carpathian National Park on the map bolsheho size


Carpathian National Park - the first and one of the largest in Ukraine national parks. It was created by the Council of Ministers of USSR of 3 June 1980, № 376. Back in 1921 within its present territory in the area of ​​447 ha reserve was established to protect Montenegrin forests. Part of the territory of the park from 1968 to 1980 was part of the Carpathian national park from which to create the park were separated Hoverlyanske and alpine forest.

Nowadays the park is 50495.0 hectares in permanent use of the park is 38322.0 ha. Its territory stretches for 55 km from north to south and 20 km from west to east. Most of the park is within the absolute heights - 500-2000 m asl The highest point of Ukraine - Hoverla peak (2061 m asl) is located within the park.

http://ukrainaincognita.com/sites/default/files/KNPP1.JPG Carpathian National Nature Park was established to preserve the typical Chornogory and Gorgan mountain and river valley, natural systems, valuable historical, architectural and ethnographic monuments for research in environmental protection, create conditions for recreation and health of the population, environmental knowledge and promotion of environmental education.

For the functional zoning of territory protected area is 11401.4 ha controlled recreation area - 25953.1 ha stationary recreation area - 106.6 ha, ha 13033.9 economic zone.

Go to the conservation area are the most valuable virgin forest, subalpine and alpine areas where mass increases and relict endemic species are the top sources of the Prut River and tributaries of the Black Cheremosha and other unique areas, which play a crucial role in stabilizing the hydrological situation of the region.

In the establishment of 234 men working with them in the scientific division - 18, in the service of - 130 people.

Park at the top of the Prut River Basin and the middle one - by Black Cheremosh. In terms of its territory heostrukturnomu part of the Montenegrin and Skybkova zones of the Carpathian orogen, where the surface are tovstosharovi sandstone, black argillites, clayey-sandy flysch and other geological deposits. It represents the middle mountain areas Skybkova Gorgan with characteristic stony placers Yasynska-Verkhovynska mizhhirnoyi http://ukrainaincognita.com/sites/default/files/KNPP3.JPG hollow with soft outlines and flat tops of mountains and Montenegrin array of high ridges extending from the northwest to the southeast of the characteristics of relief: the presence of traces of ancient glaciation - large, ancient glacial moraine and cars, filled with crystal clear water.

Mountains Dome-shaped or rounded, the slopes at the bottom flat, and in the top - steep. In the park stand-brown mountain forest, mountain-podzol, mountain-meadow soils and greensward. Landscape diversity is represented by low-fleshovymy steep ridges of brown mountain-forest and sod-schebenyuvatymy brown soils; high and middle mountain slopes of the ancient fleshovymy ranges from alpine meadows, which are dominated by brown mountain-forest and mountain-schebenyuvati peat-brownsoil, mountain pebble, gravel-sandy and loamy floodplain.

The climate is characterized as a transition from warm to continental Western Europe Eastern. The average annual temperature is +6 ° C with a decrease in the highlands, annual rainfall increases with altitude from 800 to 1400 mm, the snow falls to 50 cm, and in some years to 2 pm

The main waterway of the park is the river Prut. It originates at the foot Goverly and flows through the park 50 km. Numerous tributaries of the Prut, such as Prutets Chemyhivskyy, Prutets Yablunevskyy, Zhenets, Zhonka, Pihy, the heater forming many rapids and waterfalls. It is the largest waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians Hooke, whose height exceeds 84 m. A special beauty marked glacial lakes - Maricheika (1 ha) at the foot of the mountain and brother in law-Gropa Nesamovyte (0,5 ha) under the mountain Turkul. In general, the subalpine zone of the lake due to increase zabolochuyutsya sfahnovyh afloat on their edges to the middle, which is great interest to scientists.

http://ukrainaincognita.com/sites/default/files/KNPP2 '. JPG in the Carpathian national park protected by all types of forest complexes phytocoenotic (except oak forest zone), subalpine and alpine zones that are characteristic of mountainous areas in Central Europe. Most of the territory is covered with beech, fir, fir, and mixed forests sirovilhovymy, occasionally encountered kleykovilhovi, birch and pine forests. The most common is the beech-fir-spruce and pure spruce forests, which often grow sycamore, ash, elm mountain. Above the upper forest formed a typical crooked mountain pine, alder, juniper and Siberian together with bows chaharnychnykamy, mosaic moss and lichen.

In 1260 the park grows higher spore and species of vascular plants, of which 155 species - mosses. The Red Data Book of Ukraine 80 species of plants: east-rhododendron, mountain arnica, rodiola pink, white dream, northern Linnaeus, Nut plain, river moss, cedar pine, cranberry dribnoploda, many zozulyntsevyh species that occur in pastures and riding pislyalisovyh marshes and others. Three species listed in the European Red List: borschivnyk Carpathian, and primrose Pulmonaria obscura Filyarskoho mountain valley. The park recorded growth of 29 endemic plant species, including 12 zahalnokarpatskyh (white rocket, hrushanka Carpathian, Carpathian milkweed, etc.) and 13 pivdennokarpatskyh (aconite low Carpathian cornflower, violet rejected, etc.) endemiv. Most endemics and relics found in Montenegro. In the park store also the largest by area in the Ukrainian Carpathians surviving factions pine, birch and partly hung cedar pine, the only place which is growing in Montenegro, in the tract Kedruvate. In general, the Green Book of Ukraine included 32 plant communities: 3 wood, 4 bushes, 12 and 9 wetland meadow.

http://ukrainaincognita.com/sites/default/files/KNPP6.JPG variety of landscapes makes the national park and wildlife diversity. Its feature is the large share of insectivorous, bats and rodents, slightly smaller and cloven-hoofed predators here. Since small mammals have common, ordinary and alpine burozubky, small and great kutory, household and zhovtohorla mouse, dark, Sherman and snow vole, with rodents - Squirrel with black and brown up to black fur color, gray, forest and horishnykovyy Volchkov, of artiodactyl - red deer, roe deer, wild boar. Occasionally there are brown bear, lynx, wild cat. Avifauna is diverse park. Dark conifer forests It is even representatives of taiga birds - bullfinch and Gorikhivka. In the cold mountain streams brook trout is found. Of the amphibians in the foothills and mountains occur comb, Alpine and Carpathian triton hostromorda and grass frogs, with reptiles - veretilnytsya, snake, copperhead, snake usual, Aquatic and viviparous lizards.

Overall faunistic diversity of vertebrates park representing 48 species of mammals, 110 - birds, 11 - fish 10 - amphibians, 6 - reptiles. The Red Data Book of Ukraine 44 species of fauna, including Carpathian and Alpine tritons, spotted salamander, verdigris, black stork, golden eagle, wild harrier, peregrine, grouse, badger, otter, lynx and others. And by the European Red List - 11 species : wolf, brown bear, brown Wuhan, Vovchka lischynovoho, Derkach, snail vine, and others.

At the national park there are many outstanding natural sites that attract visitors. There is an interesting horse with cranberry bog Rudyak Small and other rare plant species, tract Kedruvate in Montenegro - the only place cedar pine growth. Many tourists http://ukrainaincognita.com/sites/default/files/KNPP4.JPG charm rocks, caves Dovbush. In Yaremcha is wonderful waterfall "profit", which falls from a height of 12 m on the background of large boulders, creating a very majestic landscape of unusual beauty.

The Carpathian National Park is within a very interesting and kind of historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine - Gutsulschiny. This region is proud of its cultural and historic heritage in its territory under the state protection taken a lot of history and culture. There are archaeological sites and with age 15 thousand years, and national monuments of wooden architecture in XVI-XIX centuries., Elegant and modern building recreational facilities, style of building which follows the tradition Hutsul architecture. In Hutsulia developed various kinds of art crafts: carving, pottery, weaving, Easter egg. The originality of life and ancient customs Huzuls features of their language, clothing, songs rich culture attracts.

A special gift of nature national park - is a mineral water of two types: hydro-chloride and sodium-sodium hydro slabkomineralizovanoyu with high content of organic substances. Since these objects are closely related recreational and medicinal, recreational and tourist activities of the national park.

The park was created in 1948 tourist routes, the network of fixed points of recreational, environmental and arranged educational trail, well-developed infrastructure of rural tourism, there are numerous stationary recreation facilities (health centers, health centers, camps, etc.)..


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