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Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

The Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot begins on the 15 th day of the year (Tishri 15) and lasts 7 days, a time when farmers, completing a harvest can have a rest before the first rains. The word "sukka", which made the holy name, translated as "tent" or "cottage" or "kuschy" and symbolizes the rejection of dangerous in general illusion that the house of a reliable roof. Safety and reliability very existence depends on other reasons.

Commandments to be in sukki in all generations was given a lot of explanations, for instance, by setting a hut near the house, Jews align themselves with those who poneviryavsya forty years in the desert and came later in the Land of Israel, cultivated the land rejoiced, and fruits, which she presented a . According to another interpretation, the meaning of the commandment is to remember a man of poverty, even as rich and not zahordylasya.

In performing a special ritual of Sukkot - "Ascension lulava. Lulavom called as a leaf palm that is included in the set of four plants and all plants together. Accepted lift and bless all four species, each of which represents a certain type of people. Etroh, which owns and taste, and smell - it is Jews who know Torah and performing good deeds. Letter date palm tree that gives fruit is sweet but odorless - is Jewish, with knowledge of the Torah, but not works. Myrtle - plant inedible, but that smells good - it is Jews, from which, as the aroma, followed by good works. Willow, which has no taste or smell - it is Jews who do not know the Torah and do not make good. Yet God is all combined in one bunch - one people, to help one another lecture each other and meet each other. According to another interpretation, each of the plants - some part of the human body. Etroh - is the heart, thin and straight palm leaves - Ridge, myrtle, with its oval leaves - the eyes and the willow - mouth. Gathered together, they make a person whole heart devoted to his Creator.

Eve arranged special bazaars that sells etrohy, lulavy, palm branches for roofs, buildings and accessories for decoration sukky. Across the country, you can see booths - in yards, in front gardens, on balconies and verandas, the parking lot. No military base is not without sukky holiday. Today, few people actually live in booths seven days of all holidays. Usually only family dinner in sukki, only a few remain there overnight. Succoth Children are particularly pleased that this holiday is seen as an interesting adventure.

In Israel, Sukkot (just like the other pilgrimage holidays - Pesach and Shavuot) is celebrated for one day. After the first holidays are coming so-called napivsvyata: schoolchildren and students are not learning, and in enterprises and institutions adopted or vacation, or work south.

In 2006, the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated on 7 October (7 - 13 October).

In 2007, the Feast of Tabernacles is celebrated September 27 (September 27 - October 4).

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