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Purim - a holiday in memory of a wonderful depriving Jews lived in Persia in the middle of V century. BC. BC, from mortal danger.

The First Minister then ruling King Ahasuerus on behalf of Oman affected disrespectful attitude of some Jews to him, decided to destroy them all. The trick, he managed to get permission to do the king. But Queen Esther (Esther), Jewish by birth, learned of this plan, it has managed to break. Aman Blvd executed, destroyed many of his associates in various cities of Persia. Name holidays - from the word "Pur" (akkad. puru - lots): Aman cast lots to determine the day for his planned campaign of genocide.

Interesting additions of Chanukah came from Mr. Anton. We submit them virtually unchanged.

One of the central figures in the history associated with the emergence of holiday Purim Mordecai:

   1. He was an educator, "the daughter of his uncle" (in Hebrew baht Dodo ie cousin) Esther (Est. 2:7-8) after the death of her parents and even when she was queen, Esther was obedient to him (Est. 2: 20).
   2. He refused to worship Amano (Est. 3:3-6).
   3. He saved the king of rebellion (Est. 2:21-23) so managed to ingratiate itself with the king.
   4. It was Mordecai persuaded Esther to protect its people (Est. 4:13-14)

More information about these events can be read in the Bible, the book Esther.

The day before Purim holiday called Taanit Esther, that is fast, Esther, Esther, in honor of the post with all the Jews of the capital before the arrival of Esther to Ahasuerus (Artaxerxes) (Esf. 4:15-17).

In honor of Queen Esther called the hospital Hadassah. This evreyske name queen, unlike vavilonskohoo named Esther (hadasa or hadas - myrtle bush).

Customs associated with the celebration Puri:

   1. All children wearing fancy dress - traditional (and most common) character is Ahasuerus, Esther and costumes fools. But now it can be any costumes. While Batman, though Bunny.
   2. Children playing with clapper teenagers - with fireworks: exploding slapstick, firecrackers, etc..
   3. "Beating Oman - read a scroll when Esther whenever Haman is mentioned, all children attended twist rattle, ox, and tupotyat feet.
   4. Adults send treats to friends and relatives.
   5. Men should drink so as not to distinguish (ie confusion in the text) Mordecai blessing from the curse of Oman.
   6. Traditional treats - ozney Haman "ears Oman, triangular cookies with filling.

Festival in honor of the holiday is called or Purimshpil adelayada (Aramaic words from hell de la Jada, ie that he did not know (was unable to distinguish), see. 5).

In 2006, the year of Purim is celebrated on 14-15 March, and in 2007 - March 4-5.

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