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Night purification of sins (Laylat al-Baraat)

Night purification of sins (Laylat al-Baraat)

Night from 14 th to 15th shahbana (Sha'ban) is called Baraat night. Baraat means "not involved", "complete separation". According to believers, this night God created specially to archangels reported to him about his actions. On the night of revelation, forgiveness and mercy, as it is called, the Almighty Allah is close to his servants, going down to the nearest heaven to earth to make them His great mercy and grace.

Nisfu Sha'ban - is the second biggest holiday after night Leylyat Al-shot - night of promise. Unlike Kadir night, when calculating all human life to its end in Nisfu Sha'ban determined the existence of people in the year ahead. So pious spend this night in prayer, repent of sins, asking for Allah's forgiveness. It was on this night Allah decides the destiny of every person consistent with its piety and requests made in prayer.

According to legend, Muhammad had a dream in which Allah told him about the sacred Nisfu Sha'ban. Mohammed prayed for forgiveness of sins three nights in succession. After that, being forgiven, Mohammed told all orthodox and the miracle of the holy night.

In Nisfu Sha'ban in every Catholic home dastarkhan covered. Muslim himself, removing his house, taking daret odyahshys and in clean clothes should say prayers and ask Allah for forgiveness of sins.

15 shahbana is the day when the Prophet Muhammad changed the direction in which the Muslim should be during the prayer, from Jerusalem to Mecca. Rannomusulmanskyy transfer tells that the first 16-17 months of the Prophet in Medina those who prayed, his face returned to Jerusalem, then Muhammad changed the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, thereby stressing the independence of Islam and its differences from Judaism and Christianity. Since then, the community of Muslims was called "Ahl al-wal-kibla dzhamaa" ("people kibly and consent"), and Islam is regarded as an independent religion.

In 2006, Laylat al-Baraat falls on September 7-8 (14-15 Sha'ban).

In 2007, Laylat al-Baraat falls on August 28-29 (14-15 Sha'ban).

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