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Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

August 4 believing Christians observe Holy Women Equal Mary Magdalene (born in the town for Mahdaly, which was once on the shores of Lake Henezaretskoho in Syria near Capernaum). In the Gospel does not say anything about her younger years, but with the transfer of church learn that she was a beautiful woman and lived sinful. After Jesus cast out seven demons from Mary (Luke 8:2) and healed, she changed her life - became his faithful disciple. It is often mentioned in the Gospel for their sincere sequence for Jesus Christ. Maria was the Lord on Calvary and cried, witnessed the crucifixion and burial of Jesus (Matthew 27:61, Mark 15:47). Before sunrise on the day of Resurrection Mary brought myrrh to anoint him his body, but none was found and told about it the Apostles (Luke 23:56). It is the first among the sheer saw the risen Lord and talked with him, which was named Apostles. After the Ascension of the Lord was with Mother of God and the apostles in Jerusalem, and proclaim the Word of God in Rome and many other cities. Later, Mary Magdalene has a summer residence in Ephesus, where he worked holy Apostle John the Theologian (according to legend, it is with her words of the apostle wrote the 20 th chapter of his Gospel), and there ended his earthly journey. In the IX century. during the reign of Leo VI philosopher (886-912) her incorrupt body was moved from Ephesus to Constantinople (other sources point to the V century. as a transfer of the relics). Consider that during the Crusades relics were transported to Rome, where he stayed in the church of St. John Lateran. Pope Pride III (1216-1227) consecrated this temple of the Holy Apostles Mary Magdalene. Part of the relics found in France, near Marseilles Provazhi, which also built the temple, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. Parts of the Apostles the holy relics of Mary Magdalene are stored in different monasteries of the Holy Mount Athos and Jerusalem.

Mary Magdalene traditions associated donate eggs for Easter (because Mary raised Krashanka Emperor Tiberius (14-37) and pointed to Pilate as guilty of death of the cross of Jesus).

St. Mary Magdalene's Day is celebrated on August 4.

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