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Christian holiday, last year in terms of major holidays. Devoted to the events ending life on earth Blessed Virgin Mary. Celebrated 15 (28) August. The Orthodox Church - Blessed Virgin dvonadesyate holiday.

History Holidays

The earliest monuments that have reached us, and which tells about the death of the Virgin, dating from the IV century. and contain various data about where, how and how long lived the Blessed Virgin after the Savior's earthly life. Unequal also the story of the demise and burial of Mary. However, the majority of these texts agree that the Blessed Virgin Mary was bodily taken from earth to heaven. According to tradition, which found reflection in the texts of worship, after the Ascension into heaven the Lord Jesus Christ Holy Virgin lyshayuchys, according to the commandment of her Son, under the trusteeship of the holy Apostle John (John 19:25-27), was in the endeavor of fasting and prayer . By the time the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin lived in Jerusalem. For three days before her death her Archangel Gabriel appeared and told the future of the Assumption. On the day of death, Mother of the Apostles, except Thomas the Apostle, were captured on cloud from around the land and raised in Jerusalem, which saw its peaceful views (?). Virgin Body buried in Gethsemane, where rested her parents Joseph and right. On the third day after the burial of the Mother of God appeared to the Apostle Thomas and wished to see her coffin. In his desire coffin was opened, but the immaculate Body in the tomb of Mary was no more - there lay only shroud as incontrovertible evidence of her presentation. Lord, who rose the third day, raised on the third day and Prisnodivu Mary.

Installation Assumption holiday comes, apparently, the tradition of the Church of Jerusalem, where the holiday is known in the V century. In the West, the feast of the Assumption of the VIII century. was not universal. In the year 813 it became obligatory for France. However, in the XII century. Assumption inferior to the West in days of celebrations especially venerated saints.

Features worship

Feast of the Assumption is a day and 9 days peredsvyatkuvannya pislyasvyatkuvannya. Leavetaking it is August 23 (September 5). Holy preceding two weeks (Uspinskyy) Fast 1 (14) to 14 (27) August. In some places of special veneration for the holidays are a special burial service Dame (especially solemnly celebrate - in Jerusalem, in Gethsemane). A feature is that it is the similitude of the Matins service Saturday, and includes the reading of the 17 th karyzmy ("Blessed neporochniyi). In the East and West in this holiday different names. The Greeks began to call him «koimesis» - «immersion in the dream" (tserk. keywords. - Assumption). In the West, locked the Latin word «assumptio» - «taking", "acceptance".

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