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World Day Nurse

World Day Nurse

May 12.

During the Crimean War, in the middle of the XIX century, the English nurse Florence Nightingale with his assistants for the first time to assist the wounded on the battlefield. Thanks to the sisters of mercy were saved hundreds of lives. Since then, the highest award, which highlighted the nurses - members of military events, there is a medal, "Florence Nightingale", and on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, celebrating the International Day of the nurse.

Workers Union of patronage service Ukrainian Red Cross, founded in 1961, have earned respect at the international level. The International Committee of the Red Cross awards of up to 50 medals named after Florence Nightingale once every two years. For special services such medals were awarded and 17 of the Ukrainian Red Cross visiting nurses.

Medic - one of the most humane professions on earth, but among the physicians most humane, honorable and sometimes difficult profession - a nurse. At all times, nurses are the concentration of mercy, they are called - Sisters of Mercy. And, apparently, is no accident that the heavy mission nurse basically rests on fragile female shoulders. Because it was a sensitive woman's heart, good hands and a lot of patience so necessary in this profession.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Health and the Association of Nurses, since 1997, in Ukraine on May 12 is World Day nurse.

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