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Day trade workers

Day trade workers

Last Sunday in July

On the Day of Workers Trade

In support of the initiative of Trade, as well as trade unions
Decides and Novikov I hereby:
Set in the Ukraine, a professional holiday of workers of trade - the Day of Trade, which is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July.

President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma

Kyiv, June 5, 1995
N 427/95

Annually on the last Sunday of July in Ukraine celebrates Day of commerce. This professional holiday applies not only to those compatriots who are directly engaged in trade and restaurant economy. Day trade workers - the holiday industry to which directly or indirectly relates almost every citizen. This is perhaps the most massive professional holiday, because to it are relevant not only to those who stand behind the counter, but we - consumers, as it is, we create the necessary market supply and demand.

In the current difficult political and economic conditions in the country, trade remains one of the most cost-effective, long-term and investment-attracting business sectors. Top management of Ukrainian retail faster than other countries in the world adopts and implements advanced technology, domestic and foreign experience of trading activity. This increases the economic potential of the state and becomes a comfortable life of ordinary citizens.

In our country today successfully operates an extensive network of wholesale and retail trade and restaurant economy: companies, businesses and individuals who are owners of retail (food and non-food stalls and shops), objects of restaurant facilities (cafes, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, facilities delivery of prepared meals).

Trade promotes specialization and increase production, improve performance of state resources, including human development. Each country tends to specialization in production based on an objective advantage, ie manufactures and sells advantageous to the goods, carrying out internal and external economic activity.

International trade is a form of interdependence between countries, and the problem of Ukraine now - take their rightful place in the global trading system, not as a raw material appendage of the powerful economic blocs, as well as a unique commodity that well-lobbied their economic interests.

Ukraine gained experience in areas torivli who are new to our market, but very popular in the U.S. and the European Union. This applies to electronic commerce, that is, economic activity through a worldwide global Internet. The arrival of the information age has caused a boom in demand for so-called "content services", ie providing music, games, pictures for mobile phones.

Development of online stores, the centers of electronic trading advantage due to an electronic method compared with the "live" - lower purchase prices and operating costs, speed the procurement process by automating the process. Unfortunately, the actual development of new branches of trade is not a solid legal framework that determines the spontaneity of the process and its partial shadowing. This situation is no exception in international practice. European Union countries, in which e-commerce is beginning its historic countdown to the mid-nineties, have adopted a unified legal framework in this area only in 2005-2006. The question of determining the status of the subjects of e-commerce and developing a system of taxation in Ukraine requires a prompt decision on the state level.

In the meantime, the Government decides to pressing problems in the field of "live" trade and restaurant economy, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced a new order of trading activities and public service decree № 833 of 15 June 2006 to align it with the new edition of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights."

According to this decision the company must provide an accessible place "buyer's Corner", to provide information about patents and licenses. Subjects restaurant industry is now self-install mode of catering establishments, but in accordance with applicable law. The new rules address the question refer to prices, there are no strict time limits on storage of custom or purchased goods in commercial facilities. Increased sanitary requirements for clothing workers of grocery stores and food objects. The system to check such establishments.

In all economic activities related to trafficking in Ukraine is considerably dominates the private sector. This situation is caused by a logical development of market relations in a democratic society. Workers in trade and restaurant business to respond promptly to the needs and demands of the Ukrainian society. In the domestic market are constant qualitative change to expand the product range and introduction of new services.

That trade workers are always ready to help us in solving the daily dilemmas of everyday or celebratory. So, let's say it once again so ordinary, but such sweet words: "please" and "thank you". Especially - on the day of the professional holiday.

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