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Day of π (pi)

Day of π (pi)

March 14.

Pi Day - the unofficial holiday devoted to the number π. It is celebrated chotrinadtsyatogo March that adopted in particular in the USA format is recorded as 3.14, and represents the first three characters of π. Feast of the mathematics department implemented a large number of universities in different countries. Of course feast begins at 1:59 am the night, along with the date of the first six digits of π (3.14159).

In addition, this day (March 14) is also a birthday of Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein), which gives it added significance in the eyes of mathematicians.

Perfect Day peak occurred 14 th March 1592 in 6 hours, 53 minutes and 58 seconds. This date is recorded in the "American" format looks like 3/14/1592 6:53:58, which corresponds to the first 12-digit in the number of π: 3.14159265358. But, considering that the time has not yet been implemented is no standardized time reference, especially with the required precision, most likely this time no one noticed.

Approximate Pi Day is one of two dates: either 22 July (written 22 / 7 - this fraction is equal to 3.14, which is an approximate expression of π), or April 26 (April 25, a leap year) - the day when the Earth passes through two astronomical units of its orbit since the beginning of the calendar year: the day the total length of Earth's orbit divided by the length of the already covered area, is equal to π (ie, the Earth was at this point in its orbit of a radian).

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