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Transfiguration (Apple delivered)

Transfiguration (Apple delivered)

Second (Great) Spas, Transfiguration (August 19). One of the largest grain-growing holidays. It is also known as Lammas.
Blessing of apples, pears and all this in Dubno. Rivne. 2007
Blessing of apples and all of such.
Dubno. Rivne. 2007
Each peasant thought a sacred duty to carry to church for the dedication vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, honey combs, crowns or obzhynkovi beam ears of rye and wheat bread - a generous gift of nature.

Almost all women who have children have died, did not take to the Saviour of apples. There is a belief that in this day to have God gives kids a world of golden apples, and those whose parents have broken the promise, stand at the side and crying to God that the mother replies: "Your pig ate the apple." Alex Voropay says even that orthodox peasants to this day do not eat fruits because it was considered a sin. After returning from church, family, of course, sat solemnly at a table and rozhovlyalasya: eating apples with honey and washed down with grape or apple wine - to bare fruits. "

Before the Saviour is two weeks of fasting - the cemetery. There is a legend that the cemetery - is a continuation of Lent. God has appointed for nine weeks of Lent and the holy fathers began to ask God to have done something with that, because to pull people endure such a long post. Then God divided the fast into two parts: seven weeks before Easter in the spring and two weeks in late summer before the Saviour. That is why for folk beliefs in the cemetery just need fast, as in Lent.

The villagers tried to collect all the Saviour cereals. Witch last harvested herbs. The Virgin Mary - said on that score - a grass planted, watered and Spas - help us to give. " Hutsuls beware of burn and make the street light, and Transcarpathia - even borrow it.

Saviour - a commemoration for the dead relatives on popular mythology, is the third appearance at the world dead in spring-summer season: Dead appearing on Good Friday, on Pentecost and to the Savior.

Sayings of the Saviour on the occasion:
It Spas - take stock of gloves.
Spas - over time.
Go to the Saviour and gloves to belt.
It Spas - summer gone from us.
Spas store first time, Peter and Paul - two prybavyv, Elijah the prophet - three pryvolok.
How will Christ, the mosquito urvetsya bass, and when he comes Virgin - carry them unclean.

Apple Spas celebrated on August 19.

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