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July 7 - Midsummer. John the Baptist

One of the most poetic holidays ukrayinsskoho ceremonial calendar. Kupalskie lights inspired creativity not only great Nikolai Gogol, but many other writers and poets. The Church celebrates the day John the Baptist. Another day in pre-Christian Slavs celebrated this holiday season Kupaylo, ie Sun. by merging of Christian and pagan traditions and formed Midsummer holiday.

Especially the day Kupaylo boys and girls made dolls, stuffed swim and Maren. Around these characters going on the main events of the evening of Midsummer. Madder yavalyaye a doll made of straw that you wear in women's clothing, swim also made of straw, but men's clothes on it. Maren, respectively, make the girls and swim - the boys. Interestingly, the origin of those have either of the images is unknown, but known to swim and Maren and expects the tragic outcome. They both, or drowning, or burning.

As you know, and this tradition now well preserved, the main fun evening of Midsummer is jumping through fire. Although what actually fun, so now they have become something like sports, but earlier this magical rituals provide meaning. For example, if the quickest to jump, you will have good health as well pereskochat flame through love, they soon poberutsya. And God forbid you to jump into the fire - trouble for a year is inevitable.

After the fun pieces you can go to relax. This does not apply, only the boldest and purest heart in which there is a chance to find a magical flower of fern and gain all earthly treasures. But remember: the way to the flower protects evil forces, and earthly wealth, it opens another one to no good arguing.

On the day of Midsummer dew tried ztsilyuvatysya You need to get up early and walk barefoot on the healing Kupala Dew. This day was a massive gathering of medicinal herbs. Special healing Kupalo grass comes before sunrise, so as the saying goes, "Who gets up early, so God gives!

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