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Into the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Into the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary

December 4.

Great Christian holiday that falls on 4 December district. c. .. In the calendar cycle of the Ukrainian people this holiday season and trailing autumn winter begins. Starting a new business in Vvedensky belief stands clear: the introduction can dig, from Introduction to PDM can not, women hoarded Introduction to clay. From Introduction to the ninth Thursday to beat clothes not fitting on the water pranykamy for that, they say, harms the field can bring the storm. For these same reasons and should be rubbed with hemp Introduction. As the New Year (and also on Christmas and Easter) who first come upon introduction into the house, he will be the first "POLAZNYKOM", that is what brings some good or evil. Therefore, neighbors tended to go from morning to enter the house to someone else, then there was grumbling that they have brought calamity: "When you go (first) a young, handsome, healthy man, and in addition to money, it's good fortune-telling: the entire year house will be all healthy and will be money driven. come when old, sick, especially the old woman, or when someone will wish for something, - it is an evil character (John Franco "Rod. Calendar" in the Etna. Coll. NTSh, V , 205).

Svyatyly laying the water sometimes even pre-Christian tradition: taking the waters in such a place, where the three water shed water through the flames, and then uzhyvaly of water against diseases of zurochennya and love magic. By midnight the woman sat naked on the threshold and up in wisdom spun hemp samosivni to "yarn went to hand." Showered that day cow families and greased with butter udder to give a lot of milk and obkuryuvaly them, that nobody could take away that milk.

As with other major annual holidays and the holiday v'yazalosya the cult of the dead: "This day God odpuskaye righteous soul to look at my body, so it is called a vision (a folk etymology that Vvedinnya -" vision ") that looks at life your body "(Hrushevsky," East. Eng. Liter. "And, 145).

Engagement with different signs, which will be the new financial year: How to "Vovedennya" water, as Yuri grass; Vovedennya as water, in summer milk, etc.

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