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Wonderful place Bukovel

Wonderful place Bukovel

At the present time to spend holidays in the winter was no less and sometimes more popular than in summer. After the traditional summer holiday is associated with vanity, large gatherings, crowded public transport and other inconveniences. It is because of these negative factors summer holidays are often left in memory of a disappointment. Preferring winter recreation, you're bound to think about ski resorts, is widely represented today for your choice.

Fortunately, you now have the opportunity to meet fascinating new year 2010 in the Carpathian Mountains to visit the well-known museum of Easter egg, as well as other notable places. Rest in Carpathians is famous in many countries of the former Soviet Union. Picturesque landscapes with waterfalls, snow-capped peaks, captive management, dealing with breeding of wild animals, will make a lasting impression on you. The rapidly developing infrastructure, and quality service in the winter Carpathians each year go to all the higher level and are ready to compete with many well-known European resorts. Bukovel Yaremche Yassin and other parts of the Carpathians can win your heart with unforgettable memories.
Located 30 km from Yaremche and 110 km from Ivano-Frankivsk tourism center Bukovel Carpathians is located near major airports and railway stations. Also established a regular movement of buses for tourists. Opportunities available and the tourists on their own transport. Among the ski resorts of the Carpathians Bukovel is the youngest but fastest growing resort. This resort is located in the middle of the Carpathian National Nature Reserve, famous for its crystal clear air and spring water. Given the wide variety and choice of stopping point. You can choose as a special holiday in the Carpathian Mountains, and upscale hotels in the Carpathians. Bukovel hotels (such as a private estate of "RA" cottage "Pearl of the Carpathians" Dvor, Hotel Shelter, a complex of cottages, "Pine" and others) are welcomed its guests. The friendly and hospitable hosts will provide services of high class. Getting tired of the high-speed ski slopes, you can always enjoy the Ukrainian national or European cuisine in one of the provided cafes, restaurants, bars with music performed by local artists. The mild climate of the resort, due to the fact that Bukovel on all sides surrounded by mountains, protected from the icy wind, allow you to spend a full vacation as a family. Carpathian Mountains are famous for their winter ski resorts. Many slopes are equipped with snegogeneriruyuschim equipment that will allow you to fully enjoy an active winter recreation. Among the services provided by visitors to the ski resort, provides ski rental and other equipment for the descent. Tourists have a wide selection of slopes: for beginners and professional skiers and amateurs. Slopes are covered in the evening and have a large number of new lifts. There are also schools where teaching children and beginners. Classes are held both individually and in groups. Mountain rescuers are always ready to come to your rescue in an emergency will have first aid, and deliver to the nearest emergency room.
More recently, tours to the Carpathians offer tourists a new kind of holiday - ski trips. Having gone to such a campaign can not only enjoy skiing, which actually made to expect from most ski resorts, but also to visit the unique corners of the Carpathian resorts. A complete tour of the mountain ranges in conjunction with the ski trip will make your holiday in the Carpathian Mountains in 2010 one of the most vivid impressions and give a lot of unforgettable moments in your life. To all the other benefits of a trip to the Carpathians cheap will cost you, because it does not require an expensive visa and air tickets to visit the European ski resorts. Yes, and other services available at affordable prices.

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