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Vorokhta - it srednegorsky resort situated at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. That is where the best-start climbing the highest peak of Ukraine - Goverlu (2061 m). Settlement Vorokhta began rearranging, in particular as a resort after the railway in 1884. The first resort opened in 1906, which was called "The First Sanatorium, later, during the Soviet period it was renamed the" Mountain Air, which operates and to this day.

Here come the people from all over Ukraine. Vorokhta zdaven famous as a winter sports center. In 1930 Vorochta have built two ramp - for children and adults who have acquired international significance. Came here to compete athletes from Germany, Norway, Finland and other countries. In 1963 the village was created for children and youth sports school of Olympic reserve. For nearly 30 years of work from the ranks of the sports school in Vorokhta left three members of the Olympic Games, a world-class athlete, 18 masters of sports of Ukraine and USSR. Over the years of independence, participants in the Olympic games were school pupils vorohtyanskoy Prosvirnin Dmitri and Vassily Gribovich.

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