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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Velopoyizdka rocks Dovbusha
Velopoyizdka rocks Dovbusha

Velopoyizdka rocks Dovbusha

In fact, we were going to go to "Bukhtivetskyi waterfalls. Weather forecast promised sun and heat - what we need for the shower of ice water and bathing in Bystrica (on the way to the waterfalls is a great place for swimming). However UkrZaliznytsya changed our plans. When we came at 9:12 for tickets to Nadvirna, cashier said that the train has gone - now he leaves at 9:00. But standing on the platform of another suburban train. Knowing that he was going to Stry (yes, yes, I remember that last summer, waiting Rakhiv saw his departure) and we go at 9:15, buy tickets quickly and ran down to Bolekhiv load bikes.

Workday, but people in the train a lot. A man calms that Pavlivtsi all come out. Indeed, it seems most people were driving in the country. Dragging out bikes from the lobby to the official Salon and calm, "meditating" three hours - see how we overtake firy and other high-speed transport.

Bolekhiv at about half of the first. Knowing that the train is back at 15:55 and at 21:18 understand that we have time for the ninth evening - the fourth we do not have time (in principle possible, but you can skin and near Frankivsk). The first trouble - wives in velookulyary broken. I like her and her happy, that will not have to go through the overgrown forest.

12 km on the hot asphalt to turn on the Rocks. The first encampment near rivers. Cools the feet and continue perekushuyemo - 4 km climb ahead. Near the checkpoint notice left a suspicious noise. I ride on it and got to the cascade of small waterfalls suitable for swimming, resting and dealing with something:

Organize a small photo session:

We will return here, and now we rocks. A weekday is not so many cars, and we only occasionally arrange powder veil. Notice a sign on the road: "hunting bears is prohibited!" Decision about yourself that will not, and go on. My wife does not stand a long recovery and I get the prize - another bike, you want to bring up. And eventually ends up in front of us and face the same cliff, where the stories hiding Dovbush:

Judging from the inscription at the entrance, a high school Sambir

On the far rocks (the right side of photo) can be viewed muzzle of a lion


Passages, gaps and prolazy

Perhaps the bedroom

Once again, pass

Remains of artificial completion

In the distant 1896 m also loved to write, "There was Jack"

Elephant goes to the pine

Nalazyvshys in rocks and around them and nafotohrafuvavshys (unfortunately, through the thick foliage of the trees could not take pictures of single vertical cliff) quickly go down to the waterfalls and join the tourists with a healthy psyche, that climb in the heat of the water, not rock.

Interestingly, it shows it there?

While I myself meditate, it turns out that human life brings along the river god

Cold water is given effect.

Nakupalys, pozahoryaly, time to go home - this time must surely want to catch a train. Perevdyahayemos, Pass few tens of meters and I notice that I disappeared velokomp'yuter. Could not steal it - bicycles all the time were under observation. Returning search, but I have little hope - Things looking like the electronic clock would have someone to pick up. But my wife has found happiness in his overgrown, where we perevdyahalysya (probably once it touched and was removed from the helm). We are pleased continue to return.

Again Bolekhiv, breakdowns and punctures on the road was not, because to train over an hour. Decision of spend on their study of the city and ice cream (still, it is much cheaper than Frankivsk).

What it it?

Town Hall

It used to be, perhaps, was a synagogue, then a club, now a ruin.

Then again, the train (at night, after a long stop, it turned out that he can ride the level of passenger trains). Tour the city in the middle of the night the first night, shower, bed, deep sleep.

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