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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » The most popular type of winter holiday
The most popular type of winter holiday

The most popular type of winter holiday is, of course, ski sport. In the Carpathians, in particular Yaremchanskoy region, this type of leisure is the first place, it can be called the center of winter sports. Includes some of the most famous ski resort Bukovel.

Ski trails

Bukovel - the most famous and best-developed ski resort, located near the village Polyanitsya, 25 km from Kalush. In "Bukovele" mastered 50 km prepared slopes and 14 cable-road chair the European level.

Also in Yaremche in priselke Bahrivets are two rope tows. Dovyzhyna the lifts - 250 and 350 meters and a drop height of 60-70 meters. These ski slopes best suited for beginners and families with children.


Hoists Yaremche


Yablunitsa Village - one of the most important ski centers. Here are five rope tows:

1. g. Mykulynka, 960 meters, 280 meters vertical drop

2. g. Mykulynka, 760 meters, 150 meters vertical drop

3. g. Mykulynka, 500 meters, 180 meters vertical drop

4. H. Dil, 750 meters, 300 meters vertical drop

5. d. Goat, 600 meters, 200 meters vertical drop

Skiing in Yablunitse

Vorokhta - one of skiing resorts in the region. In Vorokhti is only valid in the Carpathian ski jumping, which occur from time to time professional competitions in jumping. Also built here the longest in the region chair road (1960 meters), which is the season of 2008-2009, did not function.

Rent skis and sledge

• Ski Service Center for X-Drive
g.Yaremcha Tel. (8097) 1732750, Tel. (8097) 1554827, Tel. (8096) 1379770; email: x-drive@ukr.net
• Skis Dynastar, Atomic
Boots of all sizes, ski sticks.
Rental kit: 25-70 UAH per day.
Address: Mykulychyn st. Hrushevsky, 100
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Tel: +38 (096) 315-05-09, 874-93-46, (066) 316-94-02, (050) 241-75-30
Email: tarik3000@ukr.net
• Center for ski equipment «DZVIN-SKI»
Ivano-Frankivsk region
st. Liberty, 278 / 1
souvenir market number 1
E-mail: office@dzvin-ski.com.ua
• Recreation Complex Under cliff "
Ivano-Frankivsk region
st. Pidskelna 38
500 m to downtown
• Tourism and recreation complex "Olga"
with. Tatar
st. Independence, 659

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