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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » Ski accident on the occasion of the winter (end)
Ski accident on the occasion of the winter (end)

Ski accident on the occasion of the winter (end)
The first night I pretty tired. Firstly, because he first felt unusual pressure confounded, and the road of Kyiv is not passed without a trace. And secondly, I first tried in the role of instructor. Helped develop the skiing sister. Yet within two years before we Andrei Trostyane themselves to hire instructors and they showed us as to what, and the first descent was performed in contact with them. So I tried to convey that knowledge itself.
First descent Bukovelya we had a tandem. She rode first and I followed her, holding the stick. Feet put a plow - this all begin. For ski sticks, I tried to control her and so slowly but surely, we advanced down. The first plots were given a very difficult, especially narrow or steep places. However, efforts have not passed in vain and soon success became increasingly obvious. We are less perelashtovuvalysya in tandem and are increasingly traveling alone. A final descent and do it descended herself. During this time I tried downhill and learned first chic fall - the black line in places, that is of higher complexity.
During the first day I broke off their gloves and spent the last slopes without them. From that and from the snow, which falls after I touched my fingers freeze and when I went home they already felt. Therefore, I decided on occasion to buy new ones. I still bought a souvenir market. They were more expensive than their ill-fated predecessor, but from the look of vhaduvalosya that they all pass. And survived. Worthy served until the end without any travmochky.
By the way, our team has received no serious injuries limited only bruises, and another of the girls cold and last days sitting in the house. But I had seen blood. One day, leaving his sister at the fourteenth line - one of the longest of light, I decided to call upon the mount long, where this year has not been. There normally get, but during the descent from it at high speed ski snagged in the performance indicators, and with all their might hit icy slope in the face of the mountain. The blow from the nose and krapnulo little blood around the left eye remained to be of ski goggles - I wore them to ride in the fast wind is slozyv eyes. If not, they probably would poshkryabyna, and also did not have as much foam gasket blow softened.

Coasting Bukovel
Generally, the day I spent a lot of experiments with speeds napadavsya and probably the whole season. So many days I have not pursued race with the wind and went just for fun, while enjoying the surrounding scenery and honing machines running. Moreover, soon learned to ride my sister so that we have traveled together, and the last day she fell less time than me, and I only one. That is the last day we had up and down more times than our other affiliates.
So, for the entire time at a ski resort, except for the first few hours the first day, I katavsya together with her sister. Already towards the end we went coordinated group, and at first everything was much slower. While she vpravlyalasya in different ski techniques I used once-in-time dispersed, and then looked at her. But here I figured out how to use it usefully. I decided to learn quick braking in all conditions. And yet reached the desired - I finally was able to stop without deviation from the trajectory and the minimum stopping distance. However, once this has led to a funny way.
We just moved from fifth blue route - for beginners. My sister rode on his, and I, as mentioned before, it was dispersed, then suddenly impeded. And once the moment after a successful stop, I ran some lady. Vybachalasya supposedly not able to stop so suddenly - why not a compliment in my address. It was going fast, so kick was soft and no one fell.
But not always end collision so cute. Once descending broad red road. Given the steepness and made loops. And swept along the same fast skier like me. And none of us noticed and counted that one moment of our loops intersect, and also at right angles. Hepnulysya unbelievable. Well, the snow was soft and it cost even without bruising.

View of Mount Chomiak
Practice shows that often to be whisked other participant snow movement, you can even stand on the town and do nothing. Once I went into the streets and stopped to think about your future path. And while I alone stood immersed in thought, because turning left is evil snovbordyst. He turned to me and reality, and within a few yards from where I just watched the road.
And do not think that the ski is solid fall and collision. Undoubtedly, most of the time passing in normal mode. Maybe because the memory trace left more extraordinary events - the same incidence and impact. And they have their own appeal and, they add an extreme and enhance the overall impression of skating. In any case, but four rest I think and other also held with great pleasure and not for what we do not regret.
But not by skiing we lived in those days. In one day decided to make a small break in the morning and have not gone on descents, and went for a walk Yaremcha interesting places. Roman morning went on in side Bukovelya and Transportation of us to the place where the trail began to climb Dovbush. Nearby on both sides of the road where the railway dives into a black mouth mountain, placed a considerable chunk of cross over. It's - stone Dovbush. Certainly, it would be if not near trails Dovbush.

On the trail Dovbusha
Most trail almost immediately came out of the city and deeper into the forest. At first went up, then without changing the height, then dovershuyuchy large loop, returning to the starting point. Road traveling between boulders in the part of which was hewn image dovbushivski various topics. And to determine whether or not have lost your way, helping a small stand of verse lines that describe the outlaw movement. Also visited and raisins near the road - the rock Dovbush. High Rock, and have higher well-Carpathian spruce because of its leadership did not see it.

Market souvenirs Yaremche
Way back visited the waterfall proved, rather what is left of it. They say that long ago there was a real waterfall, standing in the way of entrepreneurs from the alloy and those trees blew it. Also, we went for the lines souvenir market on the shore. And, of course, seen restaurant Hutsulschyna, memorial architecture fifties of last century. Besides its beauty added a value object that when his erection was not used a single nail. We were then Roman said.

Sightseeing architecture - a restaurant

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