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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Rest in Yaremche 2012 will open for you real Carpathians!
Rest in Yaremche 2012 will open for you real Carpathians!

Rest in Yaremche 2012 will open for you real Carpathians!

Yaren - picturesque village, a popular ski center of Ukraine and many favorite vacation spot in the mountains (Yaremcha). Thousands of tourists and fans leisure each year come for treatment and rest in Yaremche.
Rest in Yaremche - a holiday all year round! Yaren - center green in summer and ski tourism "mecca" in the winter.
Rest in Yaremche - is crystal-clear air, a beautiful mountain scenery, is an unforgettable experience!

Yaremcha: winter vacation
Winter Holiday in Yaren - is, first of all, ski vacation in Yaremche. The slopes of the village suitable for professional athletes, and for beginners. The hotel's location creates a special microclimate of the village, through which a ski vacation in Yaremche lasts until early May. On the slopes of the mountains are several ski slopes with lifts loop. There ratrakom. Those who come for a ski vacation in Yaremche without their own gear can take her rent. Almost every hotel has a country estate and rental. Winter Holiday in Yaremche - prices that you will make your comfort and accessibility. Leisure (Yaremcha) - skiing, sledge, snowboard, bright impression and polozhitelnyeye emotions. Besides skiing ski vacation in Yaremche can diversify snowmobiling or ATV across nearby fields and forests Yaremche. If you prefer a calm rest in Yaremche - for you, numerous cultural and entertainment programs. Winter Holiday in Yaren - a fairy tale, presented by nature.

Yaremcha: rest in summer, autumn, spring
Rest in Yaremche summer - is crystal clear air, the beauty of mountain landscapes, equestrian and hiking in the forest footpath. Summer holiday in Yaremche - rest on the nature, swimming in mountain rivers, horseback riding and hiking in the mountains. Rest in Yaremche fall - gathering berries and mushrooms, fishing, walking on the ATV. Spring Vacation (Yaremcha) - rafting, sightseeing tours and entertainment.

Yaremcha: rest, prices, housing
Yaremcha has a developed infrastructure, located in dozens of resorts, hotels and private cottages. There are grocery stores, pharmacies, cafes, bars, restaurants, billiard, disco. Rest in Yaremche cost depends on several factors. First, this season: summer prices are lower at rest, prices in winter (Yaremcha) - high enough. Second, the location of the hotel or the hotel in respect to lift: the closer, the more expensive. Very popular in Yaremche private holiday - cottages, manor. The level of comfort in them is not inferior to expensive hotels and the cost of living is much cheaper.

Buying Tours - Recreation (Yaremcha), you get the opportunity to not only actively spend time, but enjoy the beauty of this distinctive region. Best vacation - Yaremcha (Ukraine)!

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