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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Rest Carpathians (part 1)
Rest Carpathians (part 1)

Rest Carpathians (part 1)

Long ago I dreamed of a trip to the Carpathians. Finally, this winter my dream come true. I decided viddyhnuty from the city and immerse themselves in trouble tyshunu and peace.

From childhood dream of skiing not to leave me, I would be able to ride them. This year I went to the Carpathians on pokorennya slopes. As the road from the city on this and I am far from arriving to Yaremche one day. Hurry I was going nowhere, and road and do not pozvolyala. I chose the hotel for a long time on their appearance ran at about 6.5 pieces I wanted to, he was away from the hustle and noise! Drive in the very end I was not disappointed. At the end of town. Yaremche is a new hotel complex. I usually do not trust your intuition and check the place of rest in advance via the Internet, but such a facility there nabachyv ago I became interested and - something new. Already popryyizdi home I found their web page, it turned out that it only 1-2 weeks as there is, anyone can look at a hotel here gerdan.com.ua. Step into the central hall, I was pleasantly surprised at how designers could combine classic European style ethnic-doll. Rooms good, clean, tidy. Separately say about a restaurant. Kitchen just amazing, Hutsul dishes to choose from for each and everyone. Surprised oceanic fish dishes and seafood. Housing prices are moderate.

Perenochuvavshy I went on. In ski resort Bukovel left about 30 km. http://www.bukovel.com/ Upon arrival I immediately set to work. Problems with equipment and an instructor there is no absolutely. All employees treated me kindly, my special note endurance skiing instructor, his blood I popyv! But I keep thinking of him and to me these fruits each day brings fortune, I think so. One day of skiing cost me somewhere around 400 USD. - Frankly I thought would be more expensive all said there sho prices rocket. Since I went to the mountain itself and then stay for a few days one was somehow vsetaky sad. I decided to call friends. Strangely enough they have agreed with an ox and wants them to take up office, and here once and they said that tomorrow will be in the Carpathians. Lodged in the new one did not want to because my number I liked and I asked the girl at the reception my book it on this night. When they come in a delicious dinner and I decided to immediately go to sleep, because frankly hudily feet terribly. I immediately fell asleep like at home.

In the morning my friends came to Yaremche and we immediately went to Bukovel Yet more fun with friends and feel throughout as the pip! As we rozvazhylys I can tell in the next part.

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