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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Prodigal soil near the mountains Makovytsya Yaremche.
Prodigal soil near the mountains Makovytsya Yaremche.

Prodigal soil near the mountains Makovytsya Yaremche.

Before I cover other interesting natural phenomenon, citing popular publication, I try to bring some clarity in terms of talk about that. Do not disappoint readers seeking to community establish certain rules.

First: viddalymos from emotional component and try to find a scientific explanation of phenomena about which of the following utayemnychenym fondly told. The consideration will take only the events that were observed clearly and have a true testimony of the witnesses.
Second: do not will use the terms of unscientific (read paranormal) area of ​​research.

Over the past few months, my colleagues and rescue squad, there is a sharp jump in the number of extraordinary events that occurred on the route "Dovbush - Mount Makovytsya in Yaremche. Considering the same rock, with vpevnenivstyu can state: there are no incidents recorded Bu Luo.
Moving towards the mountain Makovytsya, tourists pass relay tower and already it seems clear vehivku Makovytsya. But not so simple with our "sheep."
Guides leading this route will tell:
- Mount Makovytsya altitude of 585 m above sea level is the highest peak around Kalush. The name comes from the word poll, that top. " Others talk about the poppies that supposedly grew on top of the mountain and disappeared as a fata morgana in the desert after the harlot nights tourists spent the night there.
Is there anything more logical for a simple explanation? Is there another interpretation of the word Makovytsya? Turns out there.

       Flipping through pages of the monograph respected in Ukraine ethnographer Boberskyi Mr. Basil, learn the following: words from the language Makovytsya sanskytu means a place of worship. Place a house of worship. And where there is a house of sacrifice. In the old settlement was a special place, a place where ceremonies were held retualni burial, worship, sacrifice. What is this place different from the average total area?
Of course now, and for building temples choose specific seats. These places were endowed with special power. What is this enenrhetyka and what its origin, we can discuss with hoarse, but the fact remains. Church Cemetery, heathen, crosses and crosses, icons possess unfathomable power. Force that protects in one case, another warning and intimidating people who come under its influence. Given geomagnetism and energy band can confidently assert the presence of anomalous zones in any area.
Making the first conclusions to say that in the case of mountain Makovytsya, these factors influence superimposed on each other and pidsylylyy vzayenu action.
In addition've said before, I can add that in Yaremche pass two huge underground faults. A handy place Prut rock out "Three elephants, another small rivulet runs under" Chornohirchyk. They serve as a dividing line between Pokutsko-Bucovina Carpathians on one side and the other Horhanskyi Carpathians and Yamnynskoyu piskovykovoyu Striyskoy aurulitovoyu world and the world, that Delyatynskym foothills. Given the massive size of these mountain ranges, you can judge the magnitude of the environmental impact their layered basalt-sandy platforms.

Here I must for a little minute tuyu idyll prervat because these aurulyty, martensite and kreolity - the concept is not clear to everyone.
So you tell fun tales.

Probably each of us takes the matusyni evenings or grandmother's stories, fairy tales. There were those tales about the cat, the hen ryaba many interesting tales. We have studied them for a memorial to their children. And so on from generation to generation.
And we wondered whether those stories over the truth? Remember the story about brothers Olenka and sister Ivanka.
- "Do not drink from vodichku kopyttsya (animals should be) and then the kid will become."

So the girl said that?
Close of that same crown, when the mountain go boom is a source of healing water. Water and provides power traveler. It excites, soothes the thirst and hunger. One day, let me excuse picky reader, going to boom, we still tuzh's rather upset on Vodica from the source. She drove at a moment the spirit of Bacchus from all group members. How sorry for your buck.

Mikulichine a 13 kilometer road in Polumyste tract, there are two wells. One of the hungry and the other from cattle with water.
If fat drink water, like a second wind opens. And famine receded. Good and tasty water from the well.
Another - the complete opposite. Although clean and transparent, has a terrible effect. From her pidkoshuyutsya legs, as if drunk, force vysmoktuyutsya in minutes. But even with such speed that the car doyty not possible. Sleep fell down. Resisting useless. It should perelezhaty, peredrimaty. And then this is hunger that ate like a horse.

Speaking of Mykulychyn, one should consider two single abnormal territory on the way to Pidlisne in Deeply on the field for the bench near the forest (the place marked roztrilom villagers), other pidlisnovamy, Pulin pidkish, in the Zapadyntsi often gratuitously erred honest person.

Here the brothers on Ivanka at a time to remember, instead of warning is dzhereltse sister? Not about this Zapadynka had to say?

How much do we know about our forests and mountains, streams and rivers, their supernatural properties. Water that originates in mountain depths of rozlomash tectonic plates in the frenzied grip pressure and stray electric and magnetic fields.

Do not these people play the field, sometimes days on mountain thickets. Not only haschamy even happens in cities like that. People long "riot go in persuading then, that time stopped for them and memory is nothing left. What is it? Electromagnetic field. Infrasound? Gravitational perturbations torsion? Maybe it Aliens?

I think we will eventually understand the essence of this phenomenon ...

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