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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » On the former border
On the former border

On the former border
It turned out that searching for a path - it is only half the battle. Should still be able to pass it. After a rainy clay coating, pomerezhene uncommon footsteps hooves and human feet, was a real test. To not fall into the drain, often had to grasp at the branches and trunks of trees on both sides of the road.

Mountain Peak: 2005 Carpathians - 4

In the former Polish-Czechoslovak border

 Once I slipped and almost fell, but at the last moment grabbed the stone column and so abstained. And then, every few hundred meters meet these columns. They were not very high - up to half a meter tall, square in cross section. On one side carved something like «CS» and year: 1920, and on the opposite - "R" and 1923. Remembering history, it became clear that it is - the mark of the former Polish-Czechoslovak border. Now on this line the border Transcarpathia originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and then on.

In addition, each column had two rooms: a larger - and smaller number series - an internal number. Originally passed columns with twenty-eight, then twenty-ninth series, etc. Inner room was different: from a few to a dozen. In my opinion, it depended on the complexity of the line: if the border was going on more or less equal, they were over. On lifting and lowering the series had a smaller amount.

For some time, these columns have become for us a reliable guide. The next day they had to bring us to the mountain Clive Black, where the card started thirty fifth series.

Moving the trail with slight ups and drain, we decided not to prolong the search bed and start the search when it comes 19.00. Staying somewhere between flat and black Clive, we started searching for water. Boundary region along the line watershed, so we can only hope for the source or small streams. Perhaps that is why our search took longer than we expected.

Finally, at eight o'clock we were on the edge of the night cut down the forest. By the way, the forest here was no longer yalynno-spruce, as in the valley Dovzhyntsya and beech. Among the many branches spylyanyh found kruhlyachky flat, some even quite large, they ruled us for table and chairs. The age of the trees, I noticed a lot of cut hemp, where the number of rings is much higher than a hundred.

Our nametyk

While Andrew poravsya with tents, Dima I walked on water. Closer would be down by felled forest, but the living trees stretched between a good path.

We went down to the confluence of two small streams and entered the water. Across the street a few streams flowed. In the puddles that formed from them, you can easily see the oily film. Thus, there are also water with an oil flavor. Moreover, the raw water to taste, as usual, but tea with her, leaving specific.

It appeared that the location of our B & Mobile has coverage. Previously we used him on Dovbushantsi and in river valleys, away from populated areas, there is no connection.


July 12, 2005, Tuesday

At night the wind blew off the rope, which I stretched to dry the wet stuff. In the morning he ceased, but seemed to become even stronger. From the cold gusts of wind became uncomfortable. Only in the valley where we are going into the water was quiet and warm.

And despite the jokes weather, night was as always a change, warm clothes for shorts and shirts in the way we went. A few minutes later getting a cold feeling disappeared and the wind has not considered.

The path that we were going, nothing special did not differ from the evening: we were moving at high crowns of trees and count the columns: thirty, thirty-one ... more often meet the level meadows and the remains of homes. It appears here rested not inconsiderable company. Andrew, even concluded that they did without the guitar and warming drinks.

In the meantime, began a smooth rise of the Black Clive. Small pieces of slash roads interspersed with short terraces. One of them we found a nice place to camp near the source. It gave life river, which at the map shows slightly lower.

Soon came from an old forest and the young got to the area. Only now we can look back and see the panorama of mountains, which lie around. Exciting experiences!

By Lisco found several places with traces of equal rest. At one near the fires were built from softwood branches shelter from the rain for a few people, on another mountain stretches so rusty cans that the estimated size of at least five guitars.

Then began the coolest part of recovery. The entire slope was dotted with stones, though - it is nothing compared to Gorgan. In addition, the forest continued and sometimes had to climb over fallen trunks tall trees.

Footpath rozhaluzhuvalasya often, we're always the feeling that somewhere back there is not. Finally, after a long climb, we reached the column with the number thirty-four. Next was already waiting for us on the top.

But never received. Somewhere midway between these labels we quietly went to the cow paths and climbed no backbone in kilkohsot meters from the top. Thus, we for the first trip across the border areas and are in Transcarpathia.


Return to civilization

 On top ruled the same strong wind, like the morning. Wide meadows with low coniferous bushes was a wonderful pasture, which showed a dense network of cow paths, but not protected from the tricks of nature. Especially disappointing was wet back when removed from them, though not easy, but the warm weight of backpacks.

We climbed so high that it seemed worth your hand - and torkneshsya clouds that quickly flew over his head. Gore was more visible than on the rise. On some there was a clear sunny weather, but we had not. Therefore, after a brief rest began the descent.

Gradually numerous paths have merged, ukrupnylysya and brought us to the dirt road, which is down to the village. Twisted path along the ridge spine dropdown. Wood still remained below, and we were among the grass.

Soon Dalina appeared wooden cabin. So there, there was wandering cattle. Porivnyavshys of buildings, we knew that they were raising purposes. Behind them we saw a small flock of sheep. Some were black, others - white and some - a mixed type. Seeing us, some of them began to bleat. Vlovyvshy point, Andrew asked them one of the favorite phrases:

- But who is from the city?

- M-we-e-f ... - answered the sheep.

What next, we went down, the more animals met. In large pastures roamed flocks of cows, horses, goats and sheep. Noticing us, some began to cast a vote, but with gray sheds no one came. It seems that people here were not.

After some time went into the spruce forest. The only way to date it began dribnytysya, then merge. Thus, going down and then choosing one, then another trail, we quietly turned and left, going a little only path suddenly got on a sloping lawn. Hence the village was visible: separate cabin and yards, roads and rivers that snake through all vylasya settlement.

We found a new path and then deepened into the forest. However, this time on earth was not observed any traces, but only longitudinal stripes. Apparently, this track dragged trees from felling to the village. For better voloka in the recesses of the wooden bridge was made.

Way jumped and spun, until suddenly not brought us to the edge. Second time for the hike we found a place rich in strawberries. And at other times there is probably no less than raspberries and blackberries.

Then we went to the village which the map was called Black Tisza. Just called and the river, which we have seen above. Downstairs, we were moving dirt road that vidokremlyuvalasya wooden fence yards from the peasants. Rushed into the eyes that they had little gardens. Most of the houses occupied by wooden partitions, which dried hay.

The farther into the village we visited, the plain became more land and buildings - modern. Began to appear garages and fences are dense rather than poles, as the mount is flat.

After taking a few turns, the road entered the main street just outside the shop. The fact that the central street, vhaduvalosya immediately - it was straight and wide, it went over people.

Shop was very versatile and with a wide range. We bought only what we lacked. But the shortage was planned. After all, why all the food to take with them immediately if you can buy in the middle of the route?

For a long time it was dinner time, but stop for a meal in the middle of the village street was like the most extreme measure. So we decided quickly to leave the border towns and have lunch on the riverbank.

Time and good roads were the two reasons that we moved as fast as they could. The bulk of the houses remained on the right and left kotyla its turbulent waters of the Black Tisza. It's way ppm stone corridor with steep banks vyzyraly posharovi cuts of hardened sediment.



When leaving the village we were before the gates of the reserve. Several posters have reported limited travel and urged to protect nature and not fish. We passed freely inside and found more or less peaceful place, stopped.

At this point Black Tisza was still a mighty river and its valley had a broad base. In the river was really a lot of streams. She was one of those who gave just the beginning of Tisza. For a complete transformation in the last somewhere downstream bring their water White Tisza.

Replenished its energy resources, we again took to the track and ran at a speed not lower than the previous. Eight miles to the crossroad we broke about an hour. All this time not from the way rivers.

Occasionally met different signs and signs: "ur. Pletskyy "," ur. Medium, etc. And the place felt cared for. Not once met flood fortifications. On the road bends flow from the wash saved metal mesh blocks of stone or wooden fence, and the middle of the river often contained small wooden dam.

Consolidated bank

Some sources were equipped. At one particularly well-decorated, we photographed. But usually, for all the hours we almost did not stop.

Despite the protected zone, it was not deserted. Several times past us proyizhdzhaly local machine. Sometimes near the road met the individual estates. The most interesting, we saw fishermen who in rubber, the whole leg boots stood in the middle of the river with a fishing rod in his hand and fished. Wonderful park!

Passing a small village, we went the other way along the right tributaries called Apshynets. It originates in the spine, called the same. If everything depends on the way it should, then tomorrow we can look at it with his height.

After the fork became evident that this way of using less - it was noticeably narrower and full of puddles and wet clay.



At a wooden bridge

After minutes fifteen were thrown on the lawn with wooden houses. For a map here was to be parting. But with the right side of the tree was cut down and fallen trunks vydnilosya is no trace of the road. I had to go.

Instead they found a dirt road barely visible trail. But it was necessary along the tributaries, so choose it.

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