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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 30 » Kiev - Yaremche - three avtomarshrut
Kiev - Yaremche - three avtomarshrut

Kiev - Yaremche - three avtomarshrut

You never want when you travel by car to neglect the opportunity to see interesting places on the way to its goal. So many wonderful happens in store for himself the path of your route. The main thing to know is where to look. And today we want to tell you that you can find on the way from Kiev to the resort popular among tourists - Yaremche.

Let's go together in this exciting journey.

Kiev - Khmelnitsky (340 km)
On all pairs departure from Kiev rush to the west along the M06. First on the road we encountered in Zhitomir. The perfect place for excursions. However, if we dwell in Zhitomir, we can stay here for quite a long time. Therefore, continued his journey. If someone does not like to jump on the bumpy roads of the city, it is recommended to bypass the bypass Zhitomir. Through the center of Berdichev turn on Khmelnik, riding on the road thus M12, and move on myself Khmelnitsky. If you suddenly get hungry, it is best to stop at a roadside complex near the turn-Medzhybozh. Delicious dinners there and cheap. And besides that, if not lazy, you can collapse the castle and Medzhybozh ponaslazhdatsya views of the citadel from the shore of the Southern Bug. And it is to know the strength of many interesting excursion booked here.



Khmelnitsky - Sutkivtsi (37 km)
Khmelnytsky himself conceals a lot of interesting sights. Here in perfect harmony with the old buildings of the church in a completely new architectural design. By the way, now the City is well undeveloped local pedestrian street, where you can sit in there the good cafes and restaurants.
After Khmelnytsky is selected on the M20 highway. And for poluchasika move to the south. Here it is worth staying in the area Yarmolints. Right at the entrance to the settlement offer you a turn to the east to the village Sutkivtsi. There you will find restored by the defense Church of the Intercession, built in 14 century. Own eyes to see frescoes - is an amazing feeling. It's not so often you can join the culture of Ukraine, which is still little known to modern tourists. Soon be restored little church and the adjacent territory, and here wanting to know the flood history of these places. By the way, on a nearby hill to the church is a crumbling castle Sutkovskogo gentleman, in whose honor and named the village itself.



Sutkivtsi - Gusyatin - Sidorov (74 km)
Now comes our way west through the town in Yarmolintsy and Gusyatin. Gusyatin himself is not very interesting. The ancient synagogue and a church Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, dating from the age of 16, that's all the attractions of this regional center. Well, unless dramatic landscapes of the local nature ...
But just ten kilometers from a village Gusyatin Sidorov. That there is something to see. Ruins Sidorovsky castle (the residence), built in 17 century for moguls Kalinowski. Half-ruined castle situated in a picturesque location - on the river bank Suhodol on a hilltop. Views from this place opened just amazing. Immediately evident that the ancient landlords could choose a place to live.



Sidorov - Chertkov (38 km)
Day was already late in the evening. Therefore we offer to stay on vacation in the city Chertkov. That's quite a cheap hotel, not too much demand for rooms. Therefore, we can get a comfortable and spend a small amount for it. In the evening we offer you a stroll through the city, immersed in the local atmosphere. Small alleys of the medieval province still keep the memory of past centuries. But Potocki Castle estate, built here in the 17 th century, yet that is not in very good condition and used for other purposes.



Chertkov - Buchach (35 km)
Waking up in the morning and had breakfast at a local restaurant, you can continue your journey. Now we have a ways to Buczacz. There is something to see. Basically, all concentrated in the center of the city: Nicholas Church, the Assumption church, a synagogue. And crowning it all the local town hall, formerly the residence of former Potocki family, who also gave permission for the base in the town of the Basilian monastery, which is conveniently located on Mount Fedor. Unfortunately, the lock Potocki in Buchach hardly survived. Only a few dilapidated buildings preserved as a memory of a former greatness.
By the way, if you still impatient to see something big here, then roll into a neighboring village - Podzamochek. These are just a few kilometers from the city. That's where you can admire not only the ruins of the castle governor Tvorovskogo, but also species that can be opened with the external shaft. Buchach the shaft looks just great!



Buchach - Ivano-Frankivsk (65 km)
Ivano-Frankivsk - the last item for the day we visited. And actually here and spend the night. So, Buchach to Ivano-Frankivsk path lies on a minor Thrace, so nothing to fear from a powerful traffic. However, in the city transport is not so much as the main transport routes bypassing, which makes the Ivano-Frankivsk not loaded cars and a very clean environment.
The main attractions are concentrated in the center. Tour can start from the Cathedral of the Greek Catholic Cathedral, which is nestled among the buildings of a later period. Now here are the restoration works, turning the downtown into a unique living monument to the past centuries. Old buildings in Ivano-Frankivsk retain the atmosphere even those times when the race Potocki settled here. By the way look at the Potocki Palace you follow a few blocks of Novgorod. However, especially not look at that as the building itself is not in the best condition.
Back on the street is better vozvraschatya Armenian, by the Armenian church and straight to City Hall (the symbol of the city), where to place several museum exhibitions, and exhibitions are regularly held vsvozmozhnye. Here, on the square in front of city hall, you can relax a bit, sitting in one of the local cafes or restaurants. Well, as well as overstocked products and things Ny market, just behind the Town Hall. The atmosphere of the city has a long and lingering. Just remember that all the cafes in the city center closes promptly at 23.00. So if you want to continue the evening exercise, you should go to the outskirts of the city in the restaurants at the hotel, which until the last visitor. By the way, there is better and decide to spend the night, as on the outskirts of town cheaper rates will be.
Now you can get some sleep.



Ivano-Frankivsk - Nadvornaya (50 km)
In the morning, drinking hot to some coffee, go. Prior to our goal remains not so long. However, the road has many interesting things will be, what would be worth a closer look. So, breaking about 20 kilometers from Ivano-Frankivsk for Bogorodchani turn right or secondary highway overcome another 20 miles before turning on "Manjavsky skit. Before you brought low defensive wall, behind which hid the wooden church and a brilliant story. It would seem a small Orthodox monastery. But a century ago here to make management virtually all the monasteries of Poland, Moldova and Romania. Here flocked the huge financial aid from the kings of various countries. A local authority of the priests was very high. Now it is a small Orthodox monastery, which is welcome at every visitor (whether tourist or pilgrim).
Extremals are invited to a small pilgrimage to St. stone. The rise quite dangerous, especially in winter, but it leads to a cozy grotto with holy water, which once and caused the monastery buildings.
After doing this march march to Nadvornaya. There again, turn right into pneumonia. There you are waiting Pnevskogo ruins of the castle. It was this castle guarded by the local land and the foothills of the Carpathians, where the kind of Potocki nobody even heard of.
It's time to go to Yaremche.


Nadvornaya - Yaremche (24 km)
After nearly three days of traveling we finally arrived at the end point of our trip - Yaremche. This is a very famous resort in Ukraine, which practically ceases to operate year-round. Of course, the most popular time of year - winter (although summer is full of tourists). Needless to come here to ski. Here are a couple of runs. However, recently won a big popularity Bukovel. Therefore, many tourists prefer to make it multi-kilometer trips there. Although the room stop exactly in Yaremche.
This is understandable. There is a lot cheaper. And besides this is also a lot of attractions. For tourists there is particular interest in rock and cave Dovbusha local zooparchik with roe, a bridge of love across the river Prut, a waterfall struck, and a very old wooden church of St. John the Baptist, built in 1663. So in conclusion you can make a good dinner at the restaurant "Huzulschyna, built without nails, as well as buy local souvenirs (only potschatelnee choose, because now fully Chinese consumer goods).
It is worth to note that the rates in Yaremche, depending on the season, changed very dramatically. Winter rates almost 3 times higher than the summer. And during the holidays and even higher. But many, it does not stop. After all, great place and beneficial to the health environment are worth it.


This concludes our little trip.
And to wish you a pleasant journey resorts of Ukraine!

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