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Infrastructure in Yaremcha

Infrastructure in Yaremcha

City Yaremche a green pearl of Carpathians. Yaremche certainly is one of the best parts of the Carpathians. The city itself is situated at an altitude of 525 - 560 meters above sea level (68 km from Ivano-Frankivsk) in the Eastern Carpathians.

Rest in Yaremche - it's fun and enjoyment of nature Carpathian mountains with fresh air. The main purpose of today - is tourism. In the city and its suburbs have a lot of tourist facilities, health centers, dispensaries, rest houses, holiday camps for children (before they were called pionerlageryamy), motels, private Sadyba.

In winter you can choose the best place for skiing or sledding. For these purposes, the city has dvuhsotmetrovy lift, and there are slopes of nearby resorts - Vorohty, Bukovelya, Yablunitsa, Dragobrata.

At recreation centers and health centers have a lot of rental equipment, where you can take it for hire.

Rest in Yaremche spring has its own characteristics. After all this time there is still snow in the mountains, and tourists have little and no waiting around lifts. It is known that on Dragobrat snow keeps up to the end of May (50 kilometers from Yaremche). In Yaremche majority of tourist facilities and cottages provide a transfer to these places and the Spook, and there, busses and cars from the city bus.

Also offered in the city on foot, horseback and bicycle tours, cable ferry and river rafting.

Recreation in the summer Yaremche - it walks through the mountains and picking berries.

Autumn in Yaremche beautiful in its own way.

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