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Historical overview

Historical overview
          The first historical mention of Yaremche dates from the 1727 year. According to tradition more than two hundred years ago there dwelt had escaped from feudal pressure Jarema Godovanets. With his name combines the name was common Yaremche Carpathian village settlement near longstanding settlement Dora. At the end of 18 century Yaremche known as the farm, which was only eight families. Carpathian Mountains, with their dense forests attracted peasant refugees who found shelter here.
       The nearest village Yaremche confirmed mention of 1643 (Yamna and Dora). History and villages Dora Yamna closely related to the movement of anti feudal peasantry of Galicia, with opryshkivstvom, including the name of the legendary folk hero Dovbusha Oleksy and his brothers Basil Bayuraka with Yamny Orfenyuka with Paul and Dora. In Yamniy, near the waterfall Kaplyvtsya in 1847 was built tar, and at the border and Dora Delyatyn - Foundries, where vyplavlyaly iron ore from the local swamp. Place of farm land occupied in farming. It is determined to some extent the economic situation of farmers, their way of life. From spring to late fall villagers pastured cattle and sheep in mountain valleys. In cheese made from sheep milk cheese produced. Its used in their own sector, but the greater part had, along with other products on the market in vyminyuvaty Delyatyn Coloma and bread, salt and oil. Some people worked on forest development. Lumberjack workday lasted 12-16 hours, and he earned only 1-1,5 crown. Peasants lived in a dusty wooden houses, wore homemade clothes made from hemp and sheep's wool. With sheep skin coats made, vest, sardaky, wool. Austro-Hungarian government did not care about education and culture of the peasants. At that time there was no Yaremcha cultural and educational institution, the entire population remained illiterate. Only in 1875 in the village of Dora opened the school with one teacher.
      The city began to develop after the construction of railroads in 1894, Stanislav - Yaremche - Vorokhta - Rachel Carpathian forest removal in industrial areas of Austria-Hungary, Poland and other countries. Railroad, laid in difficult mountain conditions with numerous stone bridges and tunnels, is a monument of engineering art. During the 19 century the population grew to around Yaremche, which was caused by several reasons: beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, cliffs, pretty fertile (both mountains) of land. Yaremche progress, as a summer residence camp, which came vacationers from Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow, Lviv and other cities.
       Over time, the resort Yaremche profiled as climatological (treatment for TB). The town was a traditional place for intellectuals in Poland and Austria. Based on the Government decision of September 28, 1910 Yaremche farm was transformed into independent administrative units - districts with the same name. Within a year the city increased to 1000.
            During the First World War the area suffered heavy fighting Carpathians. Yaremche suffered major damage. In 1919 the city seized the Polish troops. Resort Yaremche attracted Polish nobility as a resting place and source of income. At that time it was built new houses and B & Bs with romantic names "Ray", "Sea Eye", "Pier", "Rose", "Varshav'yanka and others. Resort Yaremche had 2 hotels, 44 B, 3 health centers, 56 villas and 53 houses gutsulskie intended for the holiday. Summer vacation season in villas and boarding houses lasted from 15 May to 15 October, and winter - from December 15 to March 15. Winter vacationers were skiing and sledding. The resort Yaremche (along with Dora and Yamnaya) rested since 1937 over 10000 people. In September 1939 as a result of reunification eastern lands of western Carpathian Ukraine is at the disposal of Muscovite-Bolshevik commune, there is established the Soviet regime. In January 1940, Yaremche became a district center. June 30, 1941 the Nazis occupied the city. As a result of the fighting were destroyed and lost some rest homes, villas, boarding houses, stone bridge, an aqueduct over the River Prut in Kalush. Summer of 1944 Yaremche released from German invaders. In the postwar years Yaremche into a spa town. In 1950-80 years built new recreation, B & Bs. In 1963 it became a city of regional subordination. In 1977 Yaremche gets a town of regional subordination. It included settlements Dora, Yamna, Mykulychyn, Tatar, Yablunitsa, Rest in Voronenko Polyanytsya. Since Ukraine became independent Yaremche is developed resort center of tourism and recreation in the Carpathian Mountains.

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