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"Green tourism" is a new trend in the leisure industry. It is almost entirely based on private holiday homes and living courtyards. Quality of service in them, according to the strictest standards, rarely cause complaints and serve as a basis for individuals and organized tourists. The owners of households living at any time of day will offer you a quality accommodation with all facilities and for an unlimited time. The price scale of quality housing starts at 20-25 UAH, and ends at around 250 per night. The increase in prices indicates klassnost and availability of additional services such as saunas, food with individual menus and other pleasant trifles.

Developed network of local transport can relieve the motorist from the cares Directions to the selected destination of its own transport. Radiotaxi (03434) will make your trip quick, enjoyable and safe.

Homemade food, clean air, crystal water, hospitality hosts - the best gift for the holiday or weekend.

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