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Geographical location and topography of the city Yaremche

Geographical location and topography of the city Yaremche

City Yaremche located in the hollow of the mountains on the borders Ґorґan in located in south-western part of the Ivano-Frankivsk region, and occupies the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians within the rock formations Ґorґan, Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians and Montenegro. The mountains range from 400 m to 1542 m.
The city is surrounded by mountains: from the south and south west ridge Yavirnik the west - Schivka, Chornohora, Sinyachka the east - Makovytsya.

On the territory of Yaremchanskogo edge located Carpathian National Nature Park, established in the 3 June 1980, in accordance with the Council of Ministers of USSR № 376. The reserve is of national importance and is part of the Natural Reserve Fund of Ukraine. The park is 50,495 hectares. The relief of the national park was formed for a long time: about 35 million years ago on this territory existed Ocean Tennis. At the bottom of the ocean layered sand, clay, limestone, that after the retreat of the water turned to stone and under the influence of natural external factors have formed modern hill.

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