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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Eight days in the mountains. Day Two
Eight days in the mountains. Day Two

Eight days in the mountains. Day Two

Staya New buildings - Lane. Tables - G. Long - g plane - with. Bystrica (Dovzhynets)
Route leg length: 18 km
Site map route

Site map route

Start route can be in the morning after 10 o'clock, because at that time is not so cold and wet in the mountains.

11.40 - Staya New buildings. From here go to the pass Tables. Here the road will have to ford the river at Gnylyak tract. Note that in these places is a good mobile connection, because there is a ski resort near Bukovel, where the tower operators.

14.40. Pass tables. According to the route, to climb the isthmus between the mountains and Long Flat. Elevation is quite difficult.
To pass Tables

To pass Tables

15.40 - goes to the valley between the mountains and Long Flat. Behind you can see Bukovelska ski trails. Here you can relax and who has power, can make climbing Mount Long (1371 m). After coming to rest flat mountain (1353 m). Flat Mount is indeed quite flat, and off it goes downhill on Bystrica.
Bukovelska trails in summer

Bukovelska trails in summer

18.40. Flat Mountain (1353 m).
Here at this point is hut (wooden house) where you can spend the night. This restaurant is very convenient to rest, because after the holidays to remove debris by itself as the other tourists will come here too. Here is the oven, so you can get warm and posushytys in case of rain. Nearby in the forest footpath is the source of where to draw water.

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