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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 11 » Eight days in the mountains. Day One
Eight days in the mountains. Day One

Eight days in the mountains. Day One

Yaremche (campsite "Rod") - Lane. Pereslop - staya New Buildings

Route leg length: 18 km
Map for route

Map for route

10.00. We proceed from the city Kalush. Depending on where you are arranged, the beginning of the route varies. So take an imaginary trip around the beginning of children's Attractions "Rod".

10.45. You can then walk around the open air cages and look at the deer. Certainly there are for this money, but you can quietly look at these beautiful animals and no money. Communicate with deer (not yet seen a forest ranger, which collects gifts for the "view" of deer) and have dinner there. Nearby you can sit down and have a snack if hungry, because then you need to go to the pass Pereslop.


12.30. It has come to climb the mountain pass Pereslop. Of course, depending on the weather and physical training participants can reduce or increase the time.


14.20 We go out on Pereslop. Here you will see a monument kovpakivtsyam. Behind this monument now no one is watching, so he has a bit neglected. But sometimes people paint this initiative obelisk.

15.00. Now you can get down to the river with Pereslopa Zubrynky. This river after the rains can be very affluent. Once this river led to pass narrow forest path, which was marked. Now out here a wide dirt road. Beside the road is along the river, which goes to the village green. But to go in the opposite direction - toward stayi New buildings. Here you can dine.
Rick Zubrynka

Rick Zubrynka

On this first day is recommended to complete the route, because many people at first can not get used to the distant conversions. By the end of the day is recommended to split the tents, prepare dinner and relax. Also in summer you can walk through the forest for berries.

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