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Ecological trails and tours of the Carpathians

Ecological trails and tours of the Carpathians

Ecological trails; a town Makovitsa (Yamnyanske l-in) Length - 8 km. Altitude: beg. point - 550 m, the end. point - 984.5 of transition time - 4 hours. The route is a sightseeing tour around Yaremcha climbing a town Makovitsa. Route begins in Yamnyanskoho forestry. Walk along the stone path through a mixed forest dominated by beech forest - a valuable forest, hruntopokraschuyucha Land Preserving and breed. Also found beech spruce, fir. Slant of the ridge occupied by meadows dominated by sod Bilous (in local - psyanka). Patches of grass found among the stunted bushes of prickly juniper Siberian. Vegetation cover - a typical zone for beech and mixed forests. On the edge meets periwinkle, which glorified in the work of the Slavs, people looked at it and medicines. However, due to its toxic effect is used is limited. Meadow vegetation, found along the route, represented by motley groups of cereal with Red species: Arnica montana, astrantsiyi large, spherical traunshteynery, Zozulyntsi spotted and May, kosarykiv cherepytchastyh. Attention is drawn siversiyi flowers, bells, korolytsi. In the beech forest is found many animals that feed on seeds of this species. It is - jay, Gorikhivka, boar, mouse and fistulas. You can see the spotted salamander, newts. When the route is possible and a meeting with a serpent and hostromordoyu frog, red deer and European roe. Going on a ridge, proceed to the top of town Makovitsa. In a clear sunny day with a peak overlooking almost the whole of the national park. Right - to the west - Zhonka river valley, which rises on the northern slope of the ridge Yavirnyk. South - Valley Rod ran around with. Mykulychyn. A short distance away - in the southern part of the panorama - Montenegrin seen the peak of the array. The route marked, mark the normal format color names: white horizontal stripes in the center - the green bar.

Ecological trails "tract VEREDIVSKYY - G. hamsters (Zhenetske l-in) path length - 2400 m. The duration of the transition - 3 hours. Altitude: beg. point - 850 m, the end. point - 1542 of Ecological trails start from the resort, located along the road to the village Polyanytsya. It goes in the general direction north, first along the way stream, flowing from the hamster, and above a serpentine path. Climbing up, go out on a small meadow on the saddle between the mountains hamsters (left) and dam (right). This so-called mountain valley Baraniya. Dominate forest species are spruce, white fir, beech forest. In 1929 quarter 4 Select Jablunytsya l-va mountain elm sprouts. Plantations dominated by middle aged from 60 to 80 years. With increasing altitude flora is poorer, worse, its functions: vodorehulyuyuchi, health. At the end of rocky paths meet placers, where sprouts mountain pine, dwarf birch. Route possible meeting with artiodactyl: red deer, European roe, wild boar. Among the reptiles found common viper. Of the amphibians - spotted salamander. Retired position and high altitude hamsters g gives the opportunity to observe landscapes that charm with their uniqueness. The route marked, normal format marks, color marks: horizontal bands of white, blue stripe in the center. Accommodated by small architectural forms.

Ecological trails "KAM'YANKO (Yaremchansky l-in) path length of 5 km. Transition time 2 hours. Total differential heights 800-850 m asl Ecological trails starting from the central road, near the village bus stop. Dora, taking place near the railway station and then on the street. Heater along the tributaries of the Prut river of the same name - the heater. At the beginning of the trip - the tomb of riflemen, followed by track - Church Miracles Michael. The road crossed the village, leading to Monastery. Andrew. Left on the route - an interesting item: pulp and artificial shore protection swings for spawning trout. Before forestry road passes to the left side of river. "Little Switzerland" calling Kamyanka known Ukrainian writer Irene Wilde. This unique corner has been attracting visitors from Kyiv, Lviv, Vienna, Warsaw. Beautiful landscapes, healthful air and clean water heaters can make a special holiday comfortable and enjoyable. The unique beauty of the heater fascinated writers Dmitry Pavlychko Ivanychuk Roman, Rostislav Bratunya, Viacheslav Chornovil Igor Kalynets who stayed here. Left along the route see Dorivskoho homestead forestry, in which there is a rock garden, dendroskver and Nature Museum. After another 1 km to the tourist recreation center is always ready to "Legend", where the rest energy of amber. Here grow mixed forests, in many grass plants Red: tootsie dvolysta, Arnica montana, spotted orchis, Heyfelya saffron, green tongue, traunshteynera globular, bulatka red. At the bus stop Hidrometeopost "conducted monitoring rainfall, water level and the costs for the turbidity of water, its temperature, and in winter over ice phenomena. Data from these observations at the meteorological station broadcast Yaremcha. The route marked, normal format marks, color marks: horizontal bands of white in the center - the green bar is equipped with the stand. Ecological trails

"With. Bystrets - G. Menchul - with. Dzembronya (Bystretske l-in) route - 23 km. Transition time - two days. Trailhead - Bystrets estuary flow. After 2,5 km from Bystrets was, the road diverges, here turn right and get into Kedrovatyy tract, located on the eastern slopes Ulohy ​​Kesey. It covers an area of ​​1400 hectares, representing a unique landscape for rare species to the Carpathians of wood - pine cedar European. In the tract centuries we encounter giant cedars that proudly suggest a dense crown Montenegrin winds. Pretty interesting views presented fauna. The main pine nuts is a glutton, jay, green woodpecker and Gorikhivka. Since mammals can see wild boar, deer, and European roe, whose name derives from the name of the tract Ulohy ​​Kesey. More trail leads to the boiler, located on the northern slope of g Brebeneskul where lies the path to the main ridge and the summit. Near the eastern jet boiler of a spring where you can stop for the night and morning to climb g. Brebeneskul, located at an altitude of 2036 m asl After seeing the surrounding landscape, we turn to the southeast. At a distance of 1.4 miles is another peak - Menchul G. (1998 m n.u.m). Thence south-east is seen Smotrych with fanciful boulders on the sides, which are popularly called "Churches", located further south of Pip Ivan devastated its astronomical observatory, north-east of the mountain ridge line extended. Leaving the mountain Stepanets (1658 m asl), right Chufrova see mountain, and with it overlooks the village Dzembronya - our ultimate object route. On the very ridge through dense thickets of pine, spruce entering the forest. And then we get on well vtoptanu rural road that goes to the village Dzembronya.

Ecological trails

"Shybene - Pohorilets - Hropynets - Pip Ivan - Maricheika - Pohorilets." (Chonohirske l-in, high in l-in) transition time - 8 hours. The path begins near the Montenegrin farm forestry and passes through the core zone. The territory of the forest route has a length 12 km. Back path is from an altitude of 900 masl and runs to the river Shybenka Hropynets Tracts (7 km), then route goes to the forestry area Verkhovynsky irrigated meadows. From there, passing over Montenegrin Forestry QUARTERLY swath between 2 and 3 quarters (2 km), then

- Mountainous territory to wa-l Pip Ivan (-2022 m altitude n.u.m). Thence

- Down to the lake. Maricheika situated at an altitude of 1500 m asl, and again returns to the territory of the mountain forest Montenegrin Vesnarka passing QUARTERLY swath between 9 and 10 square meters. (3 km) to ur. Pohorilets (900 m asl) in the reservoirs, which bends around path meets an interesting representative of amphibians - Carpathian newt. It happens quite often spotted salamander. Typical birds of mountain streams is a mountain wagtail and dipper. Mammals of the area represented by predators that eat small aquatic fauna representatives. This - river otter, mink European, weasel. The wide world of birds: jay, woodpecker, redstart, robin stone and colorful, grouse, small Spotted Eagle. With rare species - Peregrine Falcon and Golden Eagle. Of the mammals found red deer, roe European, wild boar, marten, squirrel Carpathian, Sonia Forest. In respect of the most interesting floristic Pip Ivan. There is a grouping of many rare species. Among them - Carpathian buttercup, cowslip small gentian separated, suhaynyk Kluziya, Portsiusa chaff, white dream, aconite Zhakkena. Significant areas along the route are chornychnyky, overgrown with pine and rhododendron Kochi. Most of us accompanies forest beech-fir-spruce forest with rare maple trees, which then alter the pure spruce stands, and at an altitude of 1500 m asl pass in the alpine pine thickets. In the near vicinity of the northeast we can see the summit ridge and Smotrych Chornohorky. In the southwest ridges of mountains are seen Romanian Carpathians and mountains ranges CHYVCHYNY Verkhovynsky derzhlisfondu. The route marked, normal format marks, color marks: horizontal bands of white, the heart - red stripe, equipped with the stand.

Ecological trails

"Zhenets - Guk (Zhenetske forestry) Eco-trails" Zhenets - Guk lies on the main road and forest fire-values ​​along the river Zhenets. The route - 4800 of route begins near Zhenetskoho Forestry office at an altitude of 800m asl From the central motorway going through the suspension bridge and railway crossing, get into Zhenetskoho homestead forestry. At this point, start with two tours: "Zhenets - Hamster" and "Zhenets - Yavirnyk. Nearby are two sources of clean, cold water and a gazebo with a stunning view of the Just with. Mikulichina - Pidlisnyi. At a distance of 200 m from the route on the left side is a pond and the right side, the bridge, located Zone Recreation Zhenets. At a distance of 1000 meters of wood pulp on the noise river Zhenets small waterfall height 1,5 m. With him on berizhku - beautiful lawn where you can relax, (call it "The Jewish field). It dominates the typical flora of mountain meadows. Among the bright green carpet spots allocated Carpathian cornflower, mountain arnica, spotted orchis, traunshteynera globular. On the way to the waterfall possible meeting with the fox, squirrel Carpathian. Among the reptiles found common viper, and with amphibians - spotted salamander. For a transitional bridge two estates are seen by local residents. Next - meteopost Zhenetskoho forestry. Forest road ends and the trail to the endpoint of the route - the waterfall - left 30 m waterfall Hook is located at 900 m asl, formed in the postwar years by the flood. Water free falls from a mountain town about 15 locals call Hook waterfall through noise, hum, which reaches from it. Due to constant moisture and the spray of waterfalls, vegetation is exuberant and diverse. Large rounded leaves spread Flint white. Near the water you can see forget-me-marsh, Smilka white cowslip marsh, hravilat city, geranium and Robertova Bilozir marsh. The route marked, color marks: horizontal bands of white in the center - blue stripe.

Ecological Landscape cognitive pathway (Jablunytsya forestry) Route landscape path starts from highway Yaremche - Rachel "and passes in the second and sixth blocks. 2000 m path length, it crosses the southern slopes of 20 º to 28 º at an altitude of 700 to 1200 m asl Begin trail coincides with the diversion of natural sources. Climbing up, we go through spruce-beech stands under the age of 80 years, where the main forest species are spruce, and in smaller numbers, beech. Spruce is one of the powerful and long lasting trees. Under favorable conditions it reaches a height of 40-50 m. For increased tree height 35 m to 100 years. The whole life of mountain people associated with this tree, it has long been the basic building material for homes. Spruce is used for making trembitas, and is considered the best tree in which was struck by lightning. With herbal plants found blueberries, zubnytsya glandular, male fern and female. Then trail crosses an inventory plot, which monitored the growth of vegetation changes in forest inventory parameters with age. After five hundred meters from the beginning of the trip, we go in the virgin forest. Here we can see the centuries-old fir and beech, which unfortunately left very little in the Carpathians. In this planting transitions occur deer, deer. Then spreads like a sloping path, where there stands a young, 60 years old. This, in overwhelming majority, spruce-beech trees here, more soil moisture, as evidenced by sprouting bathers, cowslip, marsh Kuzminki, starwort average. In drier areas growing strawberries is known to all. On seeing lush pasture-cereal motley grass meadows. High rise additions Madrono, Meadowgrass conventional and Alpine, fire of Carpathian. Kvituchosti juiciness and motley grass meadows provide - high blue monkshood Moldovan, large white umbrellas dyahelyu, loop, astrantsiyi great. Burning yellow lights here inflorescence bathers and European hunters spotted. Pasture can see a number tyrlychevyh, Arnica montana, tootsie dvolystu. Stony placers many mosses and lichens, which indicates the presence of clean air without impurities SO2. Walking path, we sometimes finds in amphibians, the Red Book of Ukraine: Fire salamander triton and alpine. On the right and left meet the natural spring that everybody who drink water deer, roe deer. Expires trail access to pasture, offering a Tatar village, a line of Vorokhta restaurant Pigy and mountains, covering the village from all sides. It Magura, Verbivska, Poloniny Lisnovy.

Ecological trails

"Volyerne economy - Mr Chornohorytsya (Yaremchansky forestry) Routes - 3,5 km, a transition time - 2 hours. Altitude: starting point - 600 m, the endpoint - 1000 m. The route begins at Yaremchanskogo farm forestry. Steep trail climbs to volyernoho farm, established to preserve and artiodactyl reproduction in the Carpathian National Nature Park. Founded in 1992 in the nature reserve fund Yaremchanskogo Forestry, the total area - 5,8 hectares, divided into 6 open air cages. In the enclosures are deer family.

Volyerne Industry issued information stands, small architectural forms. Right volyernoho economy posted Recreation Area "Zhonka. It installed gazebos, awnings, barbecues, contributing to meeting the needs of holidaymakers. From volyernoho economy through large tract, the route takes us into the tract Khreshchatyk. This name comes from the fact that in this place the way forest interbreed four values. On the left is particularly valuable territory Yaremchanskogo Forestry - grouping of pine. Steeply - Sands tract. Hence visible Yaremche city, village Dora. Rocky road leading us up the mountain Chornohorytsya. On this meadow pasture cattle, horses. Shepherd zmaystruvaly bulb, where you can spend the night, dry clothes. Since milk is produced dairy products - cheese, Budz, cheese. Location meadows contributes to the transition from tourist cities in Yaremche Dorivske Delyatynskoho forestry forestry. Therefore, there should be a place for camping, breeding centers, night. The route passes through fir and spruce-fir-beech and pine stands. Of the local flora are growing blueberries, blackberries, ferns, flax Kukushkin. Spring blossoms attracts stars Heyfelya saffron. Route can meet European roe, hares became, fox, winter - wild boars. Birds represented jay, woodpeckers, tits, sparrowhawk, buzzard. The route marked, color marks: horizontal bands of white in the center - the green bar.

Eco-trails "Our friend - nature" (forestry Yaremchansky) Routes - 2 km. Transition time - 1 hour. Altitude: beg. point - 510 m asl, the end. point - 690 m asl Eco-trails (EPS) "Our friend - nature" begins at LS Prykarpattya and passes on the road along the river and Zhonka Bahrivets the territory Yaremchanskogo forestry estate is located over 200 meters equipped forestry Near source of natural water canteen, there karpatariy is typical representatives of the Carpathian flora. More route goes way over the bridge on the river Zhonka left and leads to Bahrivtsya. The nature of vegetation in this area belongs to the zone where spruce-fir-beech forests pryhorhanskyh. Shrubby, herb and moss layers are presented in the following categories: blackberry, ferns male, blueberries, flax and other Kukushkin. Over 50 m on the left you can see a kind of landscape, with the participation of different types of mosses: pechinochnytsi, Kukushkin flax, sphagnum, politrihuma. In most cases mohovynni poorly adapted to life on dry ground, they grow in an environment with high humidity - at the swamp in the woods, in wet meadows. Vegetation cover - a typical zone for beech and mixed forests. On the edge meets periwinkle, which glorified in the work of the Slavs, people looked at it and medicines. However, due to its toxic effect is used is limited. Meadow vegetation, found along the route, represented cereal motley groups of species with Red - Arnica montana, astrantsiyi large, spherical traunshteynery, Zozulyntsi spotted and May, kosarykiv cherepytchastyh. Carpathian Mountains, thanks to their great ecological diversity, celebrating the richness of fauna. In the surrounding forests can meet a wild boar, roe deer, with mice - mink, with birds - jay, Gorikhivka, woodpeckers, tits. Of the amphibians and reptiles occur spotted salamander, Carpathian and Alpine tritons, snake, frog hostromorda. Environmental cognitive route marked. Shape and size labeling standard. Color: two white stripes in the center - green. Accommodated by small architectural forms.

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