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Головна » 2011 » Квітень » 20 » Carpathians, the first day. YAREMCHE
Carpathians, the first day. YAREMCHE

Carpathians, the first day. YAREMCHE

Do Yaremche from Irkutsk to get a snap, right from bus station go as long-distance and private. We are here just caught from a private enterprise here, just caught, because should ask whether it is through Yaremcha he probihsya us through the entire station, as we did not sit on the bus.
We almost settled against the station, I believe, in the center.

A view from railway station


Local club. Spend the evening here discos, right on the street. Amusing sight, I tell you.

Legend of the Carpathians - diesel train "Red Rue".

Memo Yaremche number 1 - Break Falls

The water is very clean, noisy and fast, just mesmerizing look. True that the current water you can watch for hours.

Then we decided to climb the rock Dovbush. Satisfaction with pay - 5 hr 8) But clearly marked route, getting lost is impossible + a few points of rest benches, arbors, where you can breath a little.

Food is incredibly beautiful, just like in fairy tales

In addition to our mountain lazyly few tourists and a couple of guys on bikes. Once we reached the rock itself Dovbusha - somewhere above the top treacherous clatter. Frightened storms, we just took off from the mountains and went to the restaurant. Rain fell three drops, but then we had plenty to eat.

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