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Carpathians summer

Carpathians summer

Rest in Carpathians summer will give you a honey glitter motley grass alpine meadows and pine crown of mountain peaks. Berry and mushroom picking, horseback tours mountain paths, rest on the banks of the fast rivers and gorgeous waterfalls rainbow sowing. All this you can give Carpathians

winter recreation in Carpathians
Grandeur of the Carpathian Mountains

Carpathians in the summer - a unique color gutsulskih legends and superstitions, narrated in pastoral fire. Exquisite workmanship of traditional crafts. Carpathians - the cleanest area, corner a wild, unspoilt nature of Ukraine.

Carpathians summer - Holidays in the Carpathians in the summer - ideal, which allow you to combine leisure and quiet contemplation of beautiful mountain scenery. Many museums, church architecture, original architecture, festivals - will give you the opportunity to relax your mind and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere Hutsul land.

Carpathians in the summer - the most financially accessible and interesting in terms of communication with the host. You always understand your mentality and cultural interests, as opposed to foreign resorts. In addition, the Carpathians do not require visas and passports.

Carpathians summer charge you cheerfulness and health for the entire year. Centuries-old traditions and unique nature combined with a very good tourist infrastructure will please you and your family. Summer vacation spent in the Carpathian Mountains, will be unforgettable and will have many months to come back to you with pleasant memories.

Carpathians in the summer - a holiday in untouched nature, including clean rivers and beautiful smoky peaks. Crystal lake, catching trout in fast mountain rivers, rafting on rafts, climbing on Goverla (2061 m) and h.Petros (2020 m), Carpathian spruce, healthful mountain air - all this awaits you in the Carpathians ...

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